2016 Graduates
Mario Duron: The Effectiveness of Enterprise Zones as a Tool for Community Redevelopment in Florida: An Analysis of the Impact of Zone Designation on Socioeconomic Indicators

Lauren Mecke: Built-Out City, Underused Mall: Urban Metabolism in Plano, Texas

Jessica Leonard: Historic Bike Tour: Rediscovering the Value of Chert Rock Structures through the Use of ArcGIS

Zheng Liu: Measuring Mixed-Use Features & Accessibility Impact on Single-Family Housing Price – A Case Study of Gainesville, FL

Ryan Howser: Examining a Framework for Age-Friendly Neighborhood Plans

Karlin Warkentin: Brownfield Redevelopment in Florida: Opportunities for Smart Growth in the Eight Counties of The Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Southwest District

Steve Shams: Adaptation Strategies to the Treats of Development and the Dangers of Sea Level Ruse for Miami’s Little Havana Historic District

Yi Zhang: The Spatiotemporal Form of Urban Land Use Change: Analysis and Modeling in the City of Shanghi, 2006-2011

Shichao Rong: Using Gap Analysis to Study Access Disparity of Recreation Resources: A Case Study of Alachua County, FL

Natalia Neira: An Evaluation of Public Space Redevelopment Strategies to Promote Access and Resiliency: The South Street Seaport, New York

2014 Graduates
Changjie Chen: Parallelizing the Execution of ArcGIS Geoprocessing Tools to Improve the Performance of Computing and Processing Massive Geographic Datasets: A Heuristic Research on Big Data Processing in the Planning Field
Yingfei Huang: Impact of Accessibility to Rail Transit on Commercial Property Values: A Case Study of the Miami Metrorail
Yehan Xu: Adaptation Strategies for Sea Level Rise: Case Studies and Application to Coastal Town of Cedar Key, Florida
Jingru Zhang: A Parcel-Level Analysis of Coastal Hazard Impact on Manatee County’s Residential Lands: An Integrated Application of GIS, Hazus-MH and Land Use Plan
Scott Rothberg: Evaluating Community Design for the Conservation of Fire Dependent Ecosystems and Regional Processes
Kevin Szatmary: The Impact of Bicycle Facilities on Single Family Residential Property Values: Evidence from Alachua County, Florida
David Wasserman: Evaluating Carsharing Potential: Developing Transportation Options for the Future
Ruoying Xu: How the Built Environment Affects Elderly Travel Behavior: An Activity-Based Approach for Southeast Florida
Rong Zeng: Integrated Natural and Built Environment Strategies for Adapting to Sea Level Rise: Case Studies, Evaluation Framework, and Application to Coastal Small Towns in Florida
Leilei Duan: Exploring the Use of Three-Dimensional Urban Simulation to Model Form-Based Codes Regulations
Benjamin Lytle: The Anticipatory Effects of Commuter Rail on Economic Development in Orange County, Florida
Sean Reiss: Using the Landscape to Identify Tipping Points and Thresholds to Assess Vulnerability to Sea Level Rise for Informing Adaptation Planning in Levy County, Florida

2013 Graduates
Briana Ozor: Playing Games: Building Capacity for Coastal Adaptation through Role-Play
Amy Cavaretta: Examining the Viability of Transportation Development to Reduce Urban Poverty in the Developing World through Accessibility: The Case of Kibera – Nairobi, Kenya
Caitlin Cerame: Agriculture of the Middle: A Feasibility Assessment for A Local Food Distributor in North Central Florida
Angela Coullias: Barriers and Facilitators of Walkability: Analysis of Street Networks and Urban Design Characteristics Around Central Florida Elementary Schools
Taehoon Ha: Comparative CPTED Analysis of Residential Communities in Pangyo and Yatap Towns in South Korea
Ashley McGehee: A Case Study of Redevelopment Strategies: Creative Revitalization of the South 8th Street Corridor in Fernandina Beach, Florida
Elizabeth Nocheck: Connecting Site Safety, Design, and Management: Exploring and Applying CPTED Principles in Planning Policies and Practices for Green Township, Ohio
Brittaney Ross: The Role of Community Schools in Family Friendly Communities: Case Study of the Qutzkyallee Educational Mile in Berlin, Germany
Josette Severyn: Accessing Transit in the Tower Road Triangle: An Evaluation of the Built Environment and Bus Stop Accessibility
Caitlin White: Creating Bicycle Friendly Universities: An Analysis with Recommendations for the University of Florida
Amanda Douglas: Evaluating Transportation Access to Healthy Food Sources: A Rapid Health Impact Assessment in Alachua County, Florida
Shayna Gershman: An Evaluation of Public Participation Techniques Using Arnstein’s Ladder: The Portland Plan
Russell Provost: A Statewide Analysis of the Interaction between the Built Environment and Travel Behavior Using Geographically Weighted Regression

2012 Graduates
Kenwyn Harrilal: Using Hazus-MH and ArcGIS for A Parcel-Based Case Study of the Effects of Sea Level Rise In the Tampa Bay Region With A Detailed Analysis of Residential Parcels In Pinellas County, Florida
Douglas McDuffie: Evaluating the Factors of Developing Gainesville’s Innovation Economy
Hannah Rogers: Bo Diddley Community Plaza: An Evaluation and Suggestions for Redesign
Hongtao Xie: An Indicator System to Evaluate Built Environment Performance for Waterfront Regeneration
Sarah Benton: (Un)safe and (In)secure at Home: Variations in Residential Security in Brazil
Brian Caper: Big Changes in A small County: A Case Study of Economic Development in Wyandotte County, Kansas
Forrest Eddleton: Communication of Past Adaptation: Using Local History in Rural Planning for Sea Level Rise
Daniel Greenberg: Corridor Revitalization in Sarasota: A CPTED Catalyst Proposal
Gareth Hanley: Local Economic Impacts of Airport Operations: An Economic Impact Assessment for the West Orange Airport Authority
Lara Holimon: Did School Concurrency Affect the Location of Residential Development?: An Analysis of School Concurrency in Alachua County, Florida
Kevin Ice: Vampire Analysis of Hillsborough County: A Spatial Representation of Oil and Mortgage Vulnerability
Angeline Jacobs: Regulatory Barriers and Opportunities in Developing Cohousing: An Investigation Into Small, Medium and Large Counties in Florida
Ivelisse Justiniano: Downtown Revitalization in Caguas, Puerto Rico Case Studies, Best Practices and Recommendations
Robert Narvaez: Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes: Integrating Agricultural Urbanism into Communities
Allison Schutes: Green Space: A Catalyst for Economic Development?
Max Shmaltsuyev: Cruising for Parking in Downtown Miami
Nicole Anderson: Creating Efficiency: An Examination of the Allocation of School Facilities Resources in the Chicago Public Schools
Shivani Aserkar: Use of GIS Modeling for Creating Alternate Future Scenario Focusing on Integrating Urban and Transportation Decisions for Polk and Highlands County, Florida
Brenden Baitch: Assessing the Power of Sunshine: A Multicase Qualitative Study of Solar Energy
Michele Janiszewski: Industry Cluster Analysis in Order to Promote Productive Business Development in Western Orange County, Florida
Brett Lackey: Brain Drain to Brain Gain: A Comparative Local Economic Development Analysis of the Creative Class in Gainesville, Florida Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

2011 Graduates
James Beeler: Security Planning for Public Spaces: Testing a Proposed CPTED Rating Instrument in Berlin, Germany
Lidiane Behlau: Construction Waste and Self-Help as an Alternative to Enhance Housing Affordability: a Case Study of a Housing Project Implemented in Ibipora, State of Parana, Brazil
Kevin Biegler: Examining Successful Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Implementation Models to Develop a Pre-Implementation Criterion (PIEC): An Application to Ft. Collins, Colorado and Gainesville, Florida
Christina D’Auria: A Sustainable Approach to the Urban Design and Development of Innovation Square, Gainesville, Florida
Curtis Dubberly: Determining the Effects of Jacksonville’s Enterprise Zone
Laura Erdely: Suburban Retrofit: Simulated Application of Sprawl Repair on Orlando’s Most Promising Edge City
Charles Gibbons: Sub-Prime to Suboptimal: Realized Effects of the Foreclosure Crisis on Neighborhood Quality in Hillsborough County, Florida
Blake Harvey: Modeling Infill and Urban Growth to Evaluate Agricultural Conversion in Lake County, Florida
Joshua Hoffman: Public Perceptions of Rail Transit in the Community of Winter Park, Florida: Sunrail Comes to Town
Christen Hutton: Transit-Oriented Development Case Study Policy Analysis: A Comparative Study of Programs and Policies across the United States
Taehwan Hyeon: A Study on the Characters of the New Town Project in the Context of the Compact City: The Case Study of Wangsimni New Town Project in Seoul
Jacob Kain: Light Rail Transit in a Shrinking City: Defining Success for Detroit’s Woodward Avenue Light Rail
Shane Laakso: A Comparison of Sustainability in Greenfield Development under Form-Based Codes and Euclidean Zoning Regulations: A Case Study of St. Lucie County, Florida
Dixue Li: Effects of Street Pattern on Frequency of Traffic Crash: A Case Study of Gainesville, Florida
William Lisska: The Effectiveness of Psychological Traffic Calming: A Comparative Case Study of Two Neighborhoods in Alachua County, Florida
Amy Long: Life Cycle Assessment Analysis of Coal versus Nuclear Power in Levy County, Florida
Xing Ma: The Implementation of Urban Growth Boundary and its Effects on Local Housing Affordability: Portland, Oregon, As a Case Study
Jessica Mackey: A Comparison of Parking Policies: A Cast Study of Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Tanner Martin: Economic Growth in Pensacola, FL – A GIS Based Assessment of Redevelopment Policy, 1996 – 2010
Jay McLeod: Residential Future Land Use Planning in South Florida: Regional Analysis of Nine Counties
Brittany McMullen: The Economic Impact of Parks on Residential Property Values: Evidence from Gainesville, Florida
Robert Murphy: Virtues Unfulfilled: The Effects of Land Value Taxation in Three Pennsylvania Cities
Myles O’Keefe: Affordable Housing and Transit-Oriented Development: A Comparison of Observed Policy Findings with Those of the City of Tampa
Sarah Perch: Community Garden Barriers: A Grounded Theory Study of Gainesville, Florida
Reginald Pierre-Jean: A Methodology for Exploring the Relationship between Intersection Form Factors and Traffic Crashes using Geographically Weighted Regression
Tamashbeen Rahman: Bus Rapid Transit and Heavy Rail: A Comparison for Transit-Oriented Developments in South Florida
Lindsay Rizzo: Urban Design and Marketing: How Cities Can Use Spatial Qualities to Attract Baby Boomers
Anelkis Royce: Urban Legalization: The Effects of Legalization on Land Value in Southern Areas of Bogota, Colombia
Crystal Torres: Evaluating the Potential Effectiveness of Community Redevelopment Agencies to Improve Socio-Economic Conditions within the Redevelopment Area: A Cast Study in Gainesville, Florida
Justin Willits: Bus Rapid Transit in Montgomery, County, Maryland: Determining Stop and Station Locations in Specified Corridors
Kristina Wright Bowen: Participation and Predictability: A Comparative Analysis of Processes and Outcomes of the Form-Based Codes and Previous Conventional Zoning Codes of Miami, Florida and Denver, Colorado
Wencui Yang: Analysis on Correlation between Urban Form Factors and Children’s Walkability to School
Sulhee Yoon: Finding Food Deserts Based on Food Access Index and Transportation Modes: Case Study of Sarasota County, FL
Yuyang Zou: GIS-Based Future Land Use Hurricane Storm Surge Hazard Analysis: A Case Study for Volusia County, Florida

2015 Graduates
Soowoong Noh: Examining the Relationships between Fbcs and Active Built Environment
Ruoniu Wang: Tracking Choice in the Housing Choice Voucher Program The Role of Residential Preference in Locational Outcome
Seungil Yum: The Effect of Creativity on Urban Economy in the U.S. a New Creativity Index: 3Ci (Creative Class, Creative Infrastructure, and Culture)
Dan Zhu: Policy on River Pollution Management: an Analysis of China’s Huai River Pollution Reduction

2014 Graduates
Iris Patten: Measuring Regional and Local Innovative Opportunities
Shanty Yulianti Rachmat: The Relationship of Time-of-Day Travel and Built Environment in Southeast Florida: Incorporating Parking Characteristics in Downtown Miami and Fort Lauderdale
Laurel Harbin: The Etawah Pilot Project: a Case Study of Albert Mayer’s Normative Regionalism in Post-Independent India
Yiqiang Ouyang: Examining the Influence of Built Environment on Traffic Crashes: A Spatio-Temporal Data Mining Approach
Suwan Shen: An Integrated Approach to Coastal Community’s Vulnerability Analysis: Case Study in Tampa Bay Region
Fei Yang: Employ Cost-Benefit Analysis to Evaluate the Cost Efficiency of Major Sea Level Rise Adaptation Strategies

2013 Graduates
Hee Deok Cho: The Factors That Affect Long Distance Travel Model Choice Decisions and Their Implications for Transportation Policy
Juna Papajorgji: Exploring the Benefits of an Open Systems Paradigm for Building Permit Technologies in Local Governments of Florida
Hyung-Chul Chung: Stain or sustain? Equitable Neighborhood Revitalization of Distressed Communities through the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program, and the Housing Choice Voucher Program
Young Sun Kwon: The effects of Residential Mortgage Foreclosure on Residential Income Segregation

2012 Graduates
Yong Hong Guo: Using Remote Sensing and GIS to Monitor and Predict Urban Growth- Case Study in Alachua County, Florida
Jeongseob Kim: Promoting Sustainable Communities through Infill: the Effect of Infill Housing on Neighborhood Income Diversity

2011 Graduates
Abdulnaser Amin Arafat: Evaluating Accessibility and Travel Cost as Suitability Components in the Allocation of Land Use, a Case Study of Identifying Land for Affordable Housing in Three Counties in Florida
Ridwan Sutriadi: Mobile Technology and the Challenge to Promote a Communicative City in Indonesia. Case Study Bandung Metropolitan Area, Indonesia
Jun Zhao: Zoning Variance Administration in Practice: Influencing Factors and Trends
UF Library Archive of Dissertations and Theses

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