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University of Toronto, PhD in Planning, 2019
University of Toronto, MSc in Planning, 2010


DCP 6931 – Doctoral Core 3: Academic Writing for Publication


Housing policy and affordable housing issues
Gentrification and displacement
Planning for spatial justice and equitable development approaches


Julie’s work engages with these broader questions: How do we create more just cities? What does equitable development look like? Julie examines issues of housing affordability, evictions, gentrification and displacement, and the planning mechanisms that can be employed to address spatialized inequities, such as the use of value capture tools (e.g., inclusionary zoning).
Julie’s interest in studying gentrification and displacement is grounded in how these processes help shape the housing affordability landscape. Current research focuses on: (1) investigating the role of evictions in urban displacement processes in Toronto; and (2) evaluating the effectiveness of value capture tools to generate new affordable housing. Julie’s past research investigated the social and housing impacts of regeneration initiatives in Detroit using a mixed methods approach.

Julie has taught undergraduate and graduate urban planning and policy courses at the University of Toronto. The courses taught at UF will include: the Doctoral Core 3 course on academic writing for publication and URP 6745: Housing, Public Policy and Planning.

Julie received a Ph.D. in Planning and a Master of Science in Planning (MScPl) from the University of
Toronto, after completing an undergraduate program at Concordia University focused on journalism. Julie has also worked as a planning consultant on several community improvement plans, cultural plans and economic development strategies in small and mid-sized cities in Canada.

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