Exemplary Online Awards 2019

Intermediate Planning Information Systems (URP6275) was one of three courses to be recognized campus-wide with an award for excellence in online delivery.

URP6275 instructor Kate Norris (center) with course content developers Sam Palmer (left) and Erik Ashley Finlay (right). Also contributing content were Crystal Goodison, Danny Downing, and Reginald Pierre-Jean.

November 10, 2019

The Intermediate Planning Information Systems (URP6275) course received the University’s Exemplary Online Award for Overall Excellence and Quality Course Materials.

Kate Norris gives a tour of her course, URP6275 Intermediate Planning Information Systems, which won a 2019 Exemplary Online Award (EOA).

The Intermediate Planning Information Systems course teaches Geographic Information Systems (GIS) using as many hands-on activities as possible to build upon existing skills. The course is well-structured, including demonstration videos for each module, which take advanced topics and break them down into their parts.

I liked that I learned a lot of very helpful tips and new tools to use with ArcGIS. I feel that so far in my education, this has been the most beneficial course I have taken so far in terms of learning new things and being challenged.
Student in the course

Intermediate Planning Information Systems (URP6275) is part of the 12-credit Online Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems for Urban and Regional Planners. The course is also available to students in the Online Master of Urban and Regional Planning program.

Photo by Ståle Grut on Unsplash.

Each year, UF’s Center for Teaching Excellence gives Exemplary Online Awards to recognize exemplary and innovative practices in online teaching and course production at the University of Florida. To be eligible, courses must have 80% or more of the content and activities available to students online. The awards are given at UF’s annual Interface Conference, hosted by the Center for Teaching Excellence.

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