Undergraduate Minor

The purpose of the undergraduate minor in Urban and Regional Planning (URP) is to introduce students to the challenging yet vital work of shaping and guiding community and regional growth. Within the minor,  students learn about the breadth of planning as well as important foundational aspects of the discipline. With these goals in mind, students shall meet the following requirements:

The application should be made early so that guidance can be given for course selection and special studies parameters. It is each student’s responsibility to declare the minor through their major degree department or college.  Students must have a C+ grade point average and maintain a C+ or higher GPA in all course work for the minor. The minor does not provide professional certification.

Each student is required to take 5 courses for a total of 15 credits. These courses may be distributed across the curriculum in the following manner:
Course Requirements
Required Courses (Core): 6 credits

  • URP 3001: Cities of the World
  • URP 4000: Preview of Urban and Regional Planning

Any Three of the Following Courses: 9 credits

  • DCP 4000: Overview of Historic Preservation
  • URP 4230: 3D Modeling, Visualization, and Simulation
  • URP 4273: Survey of Planning Information Systems
  • URP 4740: Housing and Urban Development
  • URP 4882: Defensible Space and CPTED in Urban Design
  • URP 4905: Special Studies in Urban and Regional Planning

Study Abroad/Off-Campus Studies: Students need approval before signing up for study abroad or off-campus studies for inclusion in the URP minor. Credits will not be accepted after a student has started study abroad or off-campus studies. Eligible programs should be offered by UF’s International Center or the College of Design, Construction and Planning. URP’s undergraduate coordinator must determine eligibility of study abroad or off-campus coursework prior to taking the class. Accepted credits may vary from three to six hours, depending on the intensity and appropriateness of the selected program.

If you have questions about the Undergraduate Minor in Urban and Regional Planning, please contact Dr. Laura Dedenbach, AICP, Undergraduate Coordinator, laurajd@ufl.edu.  Students must register for the Undergraduate Minor through their Undergraduate Advising Office.

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