Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Graduate Minor

The purpose of the graduate minor is to allow students from other related disciplines to learn about the basics of the Urban and Regional Planning profession.  Within the minor we are attempting to expose students from other disciplines to the breadth of planning as well as the core of the program.  With these goals in mind, the students shall meet the following requirements for the minor.

Each student would be required to take a total of three 3-credit planning courses for a total of 9 credits of Urban and Regional Planning courses.  These courses must be distributed across the curriculum in the following manner:

Course Requirements

Required Course (Core): 3 Credits
URP6100 – Planning Theory and History

Any Two of the Following Courses: 6 Credits
URP6042 – Urban Economy
URP6061 – Planning Administration and Ethics
URP6131 – Land Use Planning Law
URP6270 – Survey of Planning Information Systems
URP6421 – Environmental Land Use Planning & Management
URP6541 – Economic Development Planning
URP6542 – Urban Land Economics
URP6716 – Transportation Policy and Planning
URP6745 – Housing, Public Policy, and Planning
URP6821 – Transportation and Land Use Modeling
URP6871 – Planning and Design I
URP6872 – Planning and Design II
URP6610 – International Development Planning
URP6905 – International Perspective in Urban and Regional Planning

*If URP6880 (Defensible Space & CPTED) is offered, it can be used as one of these courses.

Further, the student’s supervisory committee for a master’s degree with or without a thesis must include one Graduate Faculty member from the Department of Urban and Regional Planning.