Where do Gators go after graduation?
URP graduates from the University of Florida are leaders in government, community organizations, development and real estate firms, and private consulting practices. Because our Department enjoys an excellent national and international reputation, employment opportunities are not limited to Florida; our graduates are employed throughout the U.S. and, indeed, the world.

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of our program and the ever-evolving role of the professional planner, our graduates can expect to perform a variety of activities in a diversity of locations throughout their careers.
The following offers but a small example of places where our graduates work:

  • Bowyer-Singleton & Associates, Inc.
  • California Department of Transportation -Caltrans
  • City of Gainesville
  • ESRI
  • Florida Department of Transportation -FDOT
  • GIS Associates, Inc.
  • LandDesign
  • Littlejohn Engineering Associates
  • Morris Architects
  • North Central Florida Regional Planning Council
  • RS&H
  • Tindale-Oliver & Associates, Inc.
  • Urban Design Solutions, Inc.
  • US Fish & Wildlife Service
  • WilsonMiller Stantec, Inc.

How do they get there?
Our program is challenging, and faculty consistently instruct our students in the most cutting-edge research, technology and planning practices. Due to the rigor of our training, our program’s excellent reputation, and a citizenry and legislature that recognize the need for planning, our graduates consequently enter a strong job market and find that their services are in considerable demand.

Our graduates also benefit from a strong network of distinguished alumni who provide contacts for new graduates as they seek employment. This network is further aided by the Department’s Professional Advisory Committee, which consists of accomplished professionals from public planning agencies, non-profit organizations, and private consulting firms.

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