Master plan for the City of Pangkalpinang

Landscape architecture students traveled to Indonesia in the beginning of March, where they met with city officials and collaborated with students from the Institute of Technology in Bandung (ITB), working on a master plan for the City of Pangkalpinang.

“We focused on flood prevention, education awareness and ecological recovery on our project,” said Dan Zhu, who is a URP postdoctoral associate. “Students from UF and ITB had a great joint studio experience.”
Below are a couple photos from their trip:

DCP students, ITB students and city staff from Pangkalpinang stand in front of city hall with the mayor.
Johnny Patta, from ITB, sits with Jerry Murphy in city hall.
DCP students and ITB students at a project site they called Peanut Lake.
Students from ITB stand at one of the major ports for the City of Pangkalpinang.
An announcement board posted near the entrance of Pangkalpinang’s city hall has pictures of Dean Silver signing a contract with the mayor and ITB Dean for the upcoming project, a master plan for the city.
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