LA Programs Undergo Double Re-accreditation

The UF landscape architecture undergraduate and graduate programs underwent a double re-accreditation in mid-October, testing the first-ever double re-accreditation review of its kind. Typically, an accreditation for undergraduate and graduate programs are done separately with an accreditation team of three people over a period of three days. This time, both programs went through the review simultaneously with a team of four people over a four-day period.

“We were very fortunate that we had a great team that did a very thorough and thoughtful review,” said Tina Gurucharri, Chair of the Department of Landscape Architecture.

Although the department won’t receive a final report of the findings until the beginning of 2017, Gurucharri said the accreditation team held a presentation for the faculty, staff and students to attend where they received positive feedback.

“They were very pleased with how impressive our program was, and they found the students to be very positive of the faculty and the program,” she said. “I want to thank faculty, staff and students who helped with the accreditation process. It was a tremendous effort over the past year.”

Given this unique opportunity to test this type of review, Gurucharri is hopeful that the Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board (LAAB) will approve the option of double accreditation reviews for academic programs.

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