Alumni Profiles

Graduates of the University of Florida Historic Preservation Program work in a variety of areas including governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and the private sector. Their theses and dissertations can be found in the library catalog.



  • Shristi Tamrakar (MHP, 2022)
    • Preservation of Negative Heritage Sites and their Interpretation Through Architectural Addition
  • Tyler Smith (MHP, 2022)
    • A Neighborhood in Crisis: the institutional failures and the perpetual fight to preserve black history


  • Jessop Warren (Ph.D., 2020)
    • Cooperative Preservation Converting Multi-Site Historic Buildings into Cooperative Housing Corporations
  • Yen Terefe (MHP, 2020)
    • Virtual Reality A Versatile Tool for Historic Preservation
  • Lisha Chen (Ph.D., 2020)
    • Integration of Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Close-Range Photogrammetry for Documenting Built Heritage
  • Ina Sthapit (MHP, 2020)
    • The Impacts of Engagement Approaches & Tools Raising Public Awareness in Cedar Key, Florida
  • Kabir Rabbi (MHP, 2020)
    • Physical Condition Assessment Using Historic Building Information Modeling and Deviation Analysis Method A Case Study of Historic Mount Carmel Baptist Church
  • Trey Asner (MHP, 2020)
    • Origins and Development of Shell-Based Construction in St. Augustine
  • Kimberly Rose (MHP, 2020)
    • Elevating History : Adapting Historic Communities to Sea Level Rise


  • Mayrelis Perez Hernandez (MHP, 2019)
    • 3D Laser Scanning: Understanding the Impacts and Implications on Historic Preservation Architectural Practice
  • Kathleen McDonald (MHP, 2019)
    • Sustainable Architecture: South Floridian Architect Robert E. McDonald’s Work at Mid-Twentieth Century
  • Kristine Ziedina (MHP, 2019)
    • The Screen Block and the Mid-Century Built Environment of Florida


  • Sujin Kim (Ph.D., 2018)
    • Shifting the Paradigm of Heritage Conservation Practice through 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning
  • Taurean Merriweather (MHP, 2018)
    • Preservin’ Blackness, Assessing the Values and Perceptions of Historic Districts in Neighborhoods of Color
  • Marla Holden (MHP, 2018)
    • The application of historic building information modeling in historic house museums in the United States
  • Maanvi Chawla (MHP, 2018)
    • What Is Ocala Block?
  • Jaycob Kitain (MHP, 2018)
    • On Values and Narrative : A Case Study of Gainesville Modern
  • Rongchanghao Zeng (MHP, 2018)
    • Efficacy of Florida’s 11 to save for Preservation of Heritage Sites Providing References for Other Endangered Heritage List


  • Anulkeha Chakarborty (MHP, 2017)
    • ‘Apt to adapt’ : a study on relocation of historic structures threatened by sea-level rise
  • Lauren Seaman (MHP, 2017)
    • Historic Preservation as a tool for Boutique Destination Development : A case study of Walter Beinecke Jr. on Nantucket
  • Rosaura Ramos (MHP, 2017)
    • Evaluating the Nomination Process of World Heritage Historic Districts of Caribbean Countries
  • Kaitlin Dorn (MHP, 2017)
    • Exploring the Origins of Today’s Historic St. Augustine : Post-War Reconstructions
  • Barbara Matusik (Ph.D., 2017)
    • The Phenomena of Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter : Creating an Architectural Sense of Place on Grand Canyon
  • Kyra Lucas (MHP, 2017)
    • Thanaheritage : An Analytical Merger Between Historic Preservation and Thanatourism


  • Alyssa Costas (MHP, 2016)
    • Proposing the Concept of Shared Space as a Preservation Technique : the Dilemma of St. George Street and Cathedral Place
  • John Beaty (Ph.D., 2016)
    • The Right Mix: Evaluating the Compatibility and Durability of Masonry Repairs Performed by the US National Park Service


  • Soon Ki Kim (Ph.D., 2015)
    • A Place to Live or a Destination to Travel? : The World Heritage Tourism Impact on Historic Landscapes Focusing on Hahoe Village, a Historic Village of Korea
  • Charlotte Lake (Ph.D., 2015)
    • Buffer Zones at World Heritage Sites
  • Katherine Jacob (MHP, 2015)
    • Enter World Heritage : A Look at the Development of Heritage Sites in Southeast Asia
  • Cayley Champeau (MHP, 2015)
    • Modern and Millennials : Engaging the Next Generation with the Preservation of Modern Heritage
  • Lauren Kates (MHP, 2015)
    • Sacred Site Management Issues For Grassroots and Non-Professional Preservationists


  • Amber Caton, (MHP, 2014)
    • New Directions in House Museum Interpretation : Creating a Desired Visitor Experience at the de Mesa-Sanchez House
  • Caeli Tolar (MHP, 2014)
    • Treatment of Modernist Urban Park Plazas : Considerations for Adaptation for Contemporary Use


  • Kara Litvinas (MHP, 2013)
    • Assessing Heritage Values for Adaptive Use Planning : a Framework for Preservationists
  • Brian Shea (MHP, 2013)
    • Best Practices for Three-Dimensional Laser Scanning of Cultural Heritage
  • Larry Frey (Ph.D., 2013)
    • Effect, form, affect : an exploration of vernacular landscape form change using the context of a traditional fishing village
  • Leslee Keys (Ph.D., 2013)
    • Preserving the legacy : the Hotel Ponce de Leon and Flagler College
  • Brittany Dexter (MHP, 2013)
    • Exploring a values-based approach to the management of heritage : Florida’s postwar springs attractions
  • Kelly Perkins (MHP, 2013)
    • Exploring the hallmarks of a successful volunteer preservation organization : The Villagers, Incorporated
  • Jessop Warren (MHP, 2013)
    • Policies and Procedures for Converting Distressed Urban Buildings to Scattered Site Cooperative Housing Corporations : Case Studies in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Louisiana


  • Blair Mullins (MHP, 2012)
    • A more inclusive approach to assessing cultural heritage values : the Government House, St. Augustine, Florida
  • Matthew Armstrong (MHP, 2012)
    • Valuing historic cemeteries


  • Linda Stevenson (Ph.D., 2011)
    • The urban mansion in nineteenth-century Paris : tradition, invention and spectacle
  • Matthew Mariner (MHP, 2011)
    • HyperJax : investigating the use of hypermedia as an interpretive tool for the preservation of Jacksonville, Florida’s silent film heritage
  • Richard Shieldhouse (Ph.D., 2011)
    • A Jagged Path : Tourism, Planning, and Development in Mexican World Heritage Cities
  • Rachel Thibeault (MHP, 2011)
    • The Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site : a grounded theory case study
  • Nora Gallagher (MHP, 2011)
    • Toward a framework for preserving mid-century modern resources : an examination of public perceptions of the Sarasota School of Architecture


  • Christopher Berger (MHP, 2010)
    • Historic preservation and the Sarasota School of Architecture : three case studies


  • Tram Mai (MHP, 2009)
    • Interpreting Asian American immigration experiences : historic sites, museums, and the Internet
  • Ileana Olmos (MHP, 2009)
    • El Tajin : preserving the legacy of a unique Pre-Columbian architecture in Mesoamerica
  • Joshua Bodenweiser (MHP, 2009)
    • The imagined frontier : the impact of visual media on the preservation of the American West
  • Jeannette Ransom (MHP, 2009)
    • Finding Main Street : exploring the image, memory, and experience of a nostalgic landscape
  • Joseph Shaughnessy (MHP, 2009)
    • Crises of authenticity in Saint Augustine’s early preservation history, 1840-1955
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