Advanced Modular Housing Design

Communities face an enormous challenge of rapidly rebuilding after major storms. These events severely impact communities, leaving their population without adequate shelter, often for long periods of time. Advanced design of modular housing can provide a solution to this challenge.

This research addresses the design of housing that can be rapidly deployed after a disaster, dramatically reduce energy consumption, maintain affordability, and become the foundation for strong and resilient communities long into the future.

The attributes for post-disaster housing include high levels of energy efficiency, energy self-sufficiency, appropriate structural strength, construction flexibility (e.g. de-constructability and reassembly), and community resilience and adaptation as climate and communities change. The project currently funded through HUD, focuses on post-disaster housing in the Southeastern U.S.


•Student projects in 2020 and 2021 on modular housing in the City of Post Saint Joe

•The design of the Core++ model for HUD could lead to further HUD research or private sector investments

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