Class of 1974

Faculty & Staff

F. Blair Reeves, Director (UF)
Robert Geibner, Professor
Susan Tate (TA)
Kathleen Pepi (TA)


Heath Aldridge (UNC)
Robby Cangelosi (UF/LSU)
Peter Dessauer (UF/Clemson)
Langdon Edmunds (Hollins College)
William Frazier (U. Washington)
Nancy Layton (Mt. Holyoke)
Randy Marks (Georgia Tech)
Kathy Nash (San Jose State)
Stuart Shayman (U. Mich.)
Craven Smith (UF)
Thomas Vanak (UF)
Daniel Vieyra (Rice)
Robert Watson (Kent State)


  • Cranberry Bog Research
    An Architectural Guide to Nantucket
  • The 1800 House
  • The Nathaniel Macy House: an Architectural Discussion
  • The Cemeteries of Nantucket
  • Nantucket: A Space Study
  • Teaching Guide for the Historic Architecture of Nantucket
  • Nantucket, Mass. and the Evolution of the Classical Mind
  • Revision of Nantucket Historic District Guidelines
  • ‘Sconset Neighborhood Study
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