F. Blair Reeves Papers, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida, https://ufdc.ufl.edu/pin

Class of 1973

Faculty & Staff

F. Blair Reeves, Director (UF)
Carl Feiss, Professor (UF)
Lance Hawkinson, Faculty (UF)

Guest Lecture: “Preservation Law” [an overview of the Nantucket Historic District Ordinance]
Michael F. Wiedl, Assistant for Legal Services of the Department of Field Services of the National Trust


Mike Carbine (LSU)
Monica Fleishman (UF)
Carol Flues (UNC)
Ellen Gunderson (UF)
Carolyn Hamm (Princeton)
Edward Hoffman (UF)
Victoria Kaunitz (UC Berkeley)
Linda Rubio (U. Michigan)
Susan Tate (UF)
Steve Ternoey (UF)
Susan Torgerson (UF)
Stephen Welch (UNC)
Fred Wiedermann (UF)
Jay White (U. Arizona)


  • “An Introduction to the Development of the Wescoe Acre Lots, Its Architecture and the Forces that Formed It”
  • “Joshua Coffin House: A Technological Study of its Growth”
  • “Sandanwede: 19th Century Resort Architecture”
  • “Analysis and Proposal Regarding Edward Hoffman-Proposed Design”
  • Sandanwede
  • Steamboat Wharf
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