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Sarah Alfes. “River of Light: a visual translation of invasives in the Lower Suwannee Watershed”
Eliot Barth. “Changing course (golf course and quarry master plan redevelopment)”
Gayandrial Henderson, “Connecting Community: Eastside Neighborhood Revitalization Project”
Mitchell Mansel. “Open space network plan for Cedar Key”
Mathew McFall. “Dubai Marine Life Park: A conscientious vision for marine parks “
Kelsey Riordan. “University of Florida Wellness Campus”
Leena Rosario. “Independence Landing Community: A healing garden in the context of an independent living community”
Gabby Rowe. “Sitopia; using food as a transformative tool to create vital urban spaces centered around eating in Philadelphia”

Boileu, Bryana. “Expanding the Streetscape: Layering the Public Realm for Versatility in Changing Climactic Conditions”
Bowie, Collin. “A Master Plan for Portland Maine’s Working Waterfront”
Amodo, Joey. “Ala Wai: Restoring waters, connecting communities”
Donner, Bryce. “Gilchrist Blue Springs”
Moody, Haley. “Bimini Marine Protected Area”
Simmons, Crystal. “Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail: A seamless scenic experience”
Martinez, Nathania. “Lessons in the Woods: Outdoor Classrooms for P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School”
Lewis, Wes. “Foraging for Food Identity, Gainesville – Hawthorne State Trail: Connecting the community through Florida’s wild edible”
Rodriquez, Daniel. “Art as protest-landscape as medium: Designing spaces that reflect the needs, wants & goals of the informal community, La Perla”

Brunner, Jennifer. “Restoring Hogtown Creek”

Capers, Elliot. “Living with the Ocean: A Coastal Resiliency Effort”

Chovanec, Christopher. “Duval District: Rethinking Surface Parking Around Everbank Stadium”
Collazos, Laura. “Orchard Park Urban Agriculture”
Gil, Daniel. “The Infinity Trail”
Gust, Stephanie. “Malcom Randall VA Rooftop Healing Garden”
Mahoney, James. “Gator Trail System”
Penuela, Andrea. “Latino/International District”
Slaney, Cristina. “Prague: A More Bikeable & Liveable City”
Tolentino, Jo Therese. “Philippine Cultural Center”
Zito, Christopher. “Animas River Recreation Village”

Blignaut, Stefan. “Family Communities for Subsistence Living in the Dominican Republic”
Ferguson, Elizabeth. “Urban Mixed-Use Development Containing a Sustainable Brewery”
Mulroy, Ryan. “Revitalization of the Gulf Breeze Zoo”
Smith, Erika. “Landscape Integrity of Martin County, Florida: Establishing a Regional Ecological and Recreational Greenway network”

Couch, David. “Reynold’s Park”
Dalisma, Abdias. “Projects for Haiti”
Kipp, Martin. “Ocala to Matanzas Greenway”
Passeneau, Kyle. “Florida Kraze Krush Soccer Complex”
Valinsky, Kevin. “Newberry’s Wastewater Wetland”
Young, Jordan.  “Rock Quarry Redevelopment”

Bou-Ghannam, Stephanie. “Expanding the Streetscape: Layering the Public Realm for Versatility in Changing Climactic Conditions”
Bueno, Johan. “Longwood, Florida: Adaptive Master Planning for the Changing Urban World of Tomorrow”
Campbell, Adrienne. “Life Amidst the Pines: A Developer’s Guide for Designing Within the Longleaf Pine Ecosystem”
Castro, Viviana. “Rediscovering the Fucha River: Using Public Space to Create a New Relationship Between People and the Fucha River in Bogotá, Colombia”
Handley, Craig. “Barr Hammock: a Multi-Use Trail System Experience”
Koenig, Mark. “Adapting Arlington: Connecting a Community through Roadway Redesign”
McCollister, Adam. “Turkey Creek: A Golf Course” Community – Developing an Approach to the Conversion of Abandoned Golf Courses”
Snider, Laura. “Expanding Education: Schrader Elementary School”
Roedell, Joshua. “The Fiddler Festival Park and River of Man Campground: Bringing Tourism to the Big Bend”
Stidham, Chris. “Zidell Yards: Using Green Infrastructure to Reshape a Remediated Brownfield Site”
Wymer, Theresa. “Silver Springs Native Wildlife Park: Promoting Animal Welfare and Education Through Design”

Branstrom, Jayne. “The Jupiter Loop: The Transformation of a Typical Sidewalk into a Destination”
Evitt, Joshua. “Heritage Park & Gardens”
Gooding, Max. “Griffin’s Greenery and Farm: Weaving a Tapestry of Experiences Leading Us Back to Ourselves”
Lugano, Brenda. “Bridge to Equality: Informal Settlement Redesign Model”
Plate, Hannah. “Ecotourism as a Planning Framework: Re-Imagining the Flamingo Master Plan”
Sturm, Emily Elizabeth. “Back to the Roots: A Conceptual, Residential Redesign”
Taylor, Jabari. “Myakka City Lemur Reserve: A Conservation Education Diamond in the Rough”
Wyman, Tracy A. “aquiPROJECT”

Algero, Brittany. “Reclaiming the Lakefront: Pontchartrain Beach and Lakeshore Park”
Cain, Michael Z. “Hogan’s Creek: the Living Lab”
Dunlap, Kaley. “White Springs Nature Base”
Dunn, Andrew. “Flagler’s Middle Keys Connection: Recreation. Nature. History.”
Elison, Kelly. “GROWjacksonville: Temporary Urbanism & Urban Agriculture: Revitalization of the LaVilla District”
Fuster, Emilio R. “Zoo Miami Entertainment Area: Revitalization Through User Experience”
Gibbs, Lindsey M. “Lake Alice Ecological Park”
Loquidis, Lulu. “The Ford Motor Plant: From Toxic Producer to Biotic Filter”
Moore, Stephen. “West Palm Bay: a Redevelopment Project”
Nadal, Herman. “Tide of Change: Miami Marine Stadium Redevelopment Plan”
Russ, Jaime. “Baywalk: Discovering Biscayne Bay Through an Ecological Waterfront Experience”
Sullivan, Eamon. “Restoring an Urban Legend : Cobb’s Creek Golf Course”
Thommes, Alex. “No Name Institute of Marine Research and Education: Sea the Future”
Tolar, Caeli. “Peninsula Park: Landfill Restoration in St. Augustine, FL”

Agront, Jason. “Mike Zone’s SW Community Resource Center : a Neighborhood Revitalization Catalyst”
Axelsen, Ashley W. “Koge Kyst : High Density Urban Redevelopment”
Boyd, Benjamin Wayne. “Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens”
Bradford, Laura R. “Merritt Island Town Center & Stormwater Park, Merritt Island, Florida”
Cornwell, Kristin. “Union Lawn at the University of Florida: an Urban Campus Stormwater Park”
D’Ascanio, Nicholas A. “Marathon Shores: a Coastal Mixed-Use Development, Marathon, Florida Keys”
Garcia, Marco A. “Downtown Coral Springs: a Model for Suburban Infill and Redevelopment”
Hubbard, Jeffrey Byron. “The Landscape at 70: John Turner Butler Blvd./Highway 9A”
Koehnemann, Kristen. “Camp Timpoochee: a Regenerative Landscape”
Magwire, Megan. “Revitalization of Sandpoint Park”
Mazol, Angela M. “Festival Park: a Downtown Revitalization Park Project”
Ramhold, William L. II. “Reunifying Downtown Ocala”
Regan, Michelle. “San Marco Avenue Corridor: a Revitalization Project”
Rosile, Tricia. “East San Marco”
Schultz, Heidi. “Shands Vista Sensory Garden 2011”
Staerker, Amanda. “Harbor Point : an Ecological Culture Resort: Cape Town, South Africa”
Stecher, Anthony Shawn. “The City of Newberry: Crossing the Tracks: a Historic Business District”
Sugg, Daniel McRae. “Welcome to the Riverwalk District on the North Fork of the St. Lucie River”
Templeton, Logan. “Everglades Outpost: a Wildlife Rescue”
Ward, Keith. “North Florida Community College: Sustainable Design for a Rural Campus”
Wheeler, James Harrell Jr. “Rotary Park @ Leitner Creek: Efficient Design with Nature in Mind”
Wilde, Nicholas. “Meginnis Creek Watershed and Greenway Masterplan : Integrating our Neighborhood Streams”

Andrews, Sarah. “Tukad Dawa Stream Course Enhancement”
Balerdi, Xavier. “Community Identity through Sustainable Urbanism”
Beane, Nicole. “Sustainability and The User Experience: Turner Field”
Bias, Robert. “Community Development – Preserving the Land: A Community Master Plan in Monterrey, Mexico”
Caldwell, Jack. “People Experiencing People: Downtown Sebring Redevelopment Master Plan”
Cianfaglione, Chris. “Rockvail: Active Community Planning for a Post-Industrial Site”
Cuyar, Alejandro. “Calle Loiza: Urban Corridor”
Deffenbaugh, Allison. “Sweetwater Branch Corridor”
Gilbert, Camille Darke. “Koppers: A Conceptual Redevelopment Plan for Gainesville’s Brownfield Site”
Kloosterman, Laura. “Kalamazoo Valley Paper Mill: An Urban Re-Development Along the Kalamazoo River”
Koester, Chelsey. “Aguas Calientes: An Urban Redevelopment Scheme”
Kohany, Robert. “Gainesville Downtown Community Plaza”
Kozak, Brian. “Taking Back Main Street: The Revitalization of Downtown High Springs, Florida”
Lowery, Alex. “Urban Upgrading in el Barrio Siloé: Steps Beyond Regularization”
Meyers, Mathew. “Ais Lagoon Park: Culture Oriented Eco-Tourism”
Morris, Karoline. “Paradise Park and Trail”
Pazmino, Carlos Sebastian. “Parque del Sol: Urban Park, Quito, Ecuador”
Pollack, Ryan. “Sebastian Inlet State Park: A Vision of Tomorrow”
Reyes, Yenlys. “Garden of Memory and Hope”
Schwartz, Katie. “Revitalizing Lummus Park: A South Beach Icon”
Stevens, Angela. “Madeira Beach Town Center: A Gateway to the City”
Verlander, Steven. “Baby Gator: Child Development and Research Center”
Wilbur, Aaron. “Heart of Malabar”

Bourgault, Brittany. “Modeling Change in the Foothills of Bali”
Cain, Gavin. “Revitalization of Jasper, Florida”
Chediak, Jovany. “Miami Lakes Tequesta Park”
Douglas, Tanya. “Hilliard Isle: Creating a New Ruralist Landscape”
Friedlander, Laurie. “Lake Wales, Florida: Downtown and Park Avenue Corridor Master Plan”
Gebben, Whitney. “Turtle Creek Preserve”
Griffith, Jonathan. “City of Palatka Riverfront Revitalization”
Guettler, Tyler. “Eco-tourism and the Natural Environment Hamilton County, Florida”
McClellan, Jordan. “Sawgrass Station Park”
McCormick, Daniel. “The Pencut Eco-Convention Center”
McDuffie, Douglas. “Westshore Beach Club”
McKibben, Hunter. “Tropicana Field Redevelopment Reveal, Restore, Regenerate: The Brooker Creek Blocks”
Moroni, Jennifer. “Broken Woods Recreational Park”
O’Reilly, Timothy. “The Randolph District: A Vibrant Corridor… Jacksonville, Florida”
Segarra, Shari-Lou. “Tumblin Creek Restoration”
Webb, Jonathan. “Pine Highlands Golf and Lake Club”
Wellman, Grant. “English Greek: A New Ruralism Community”

Abich, Jorge. “Ludlam Corridor Revitalization at Bird Road”
Allen, Matthew. “The Springs of Chihpen River Resort”
Galbavy, John. “San Marco Park”
Griffin, Deirdre. “Enterprise Historical Park”
Jund, Kevin. “Port Daufuskie”
Hindsley, Deborah. “South Boston Waterfront Regeneration”
Hurlock, Richard. “Butler Oaks”
Marino, Christie. “Crescent Meadows Eldorado State Park, Colorado”
Marquis, Jeremy. “Downtown Community Corridor: Alachua, Florida”
Mastin, Aaron.  “The Urban Thread Stitching Downtown Gainesville to the University of Florida”
Moran, Pete. “Syossett Downtown Revitalization Plan”
Nunez, Jason. “Orange Lake Crossings”
Painter, Patrick. “Downtown West Palm Beach Waterfront & City Commons”
Reames, Alison. “Acorn Lake: Mixed Use village Town Center”
Sum, Jacob. “Regal Living”
Wood, Adam. “Commerce Way an Urban Revitalization”

Curwood, James. “Recreational Open Space Master Plan Micanopy, Florida”
Davis, Aaron. “Town of Monticello, Florida Preserving the Past and Sustaining the Future”
Flether, Caleb. “Bella Collina: A Multigenerational Community”
Heffelfinger, David. “Reduced Impact Development: Red Oak Hills”
Hutton, Christen. “Downtown Jensen Beach Revitalization”
Lewis, Gary. “Orange Lake Wildlife Sanctuary”
Mader, Leah. “The Centoplex Site”
Maranan, Ranei. “Green Gateway: Lillian and Damon Park”
Pallesen, Layel. “Gaines Street – All Saints Neighborhood Urban Revitalization Plan Tallahassee, Florida”
Renuart, Ryan. “Malcom Randall VA Medical Center Redevelopment Plan Gainesville FL”
Roden, Dylan. “Lake Okeechobee Spoil Ecosystems: An Environmental Educational and Recreational Park”
Ross, Meredith. “Williston, Florida Comprehensive Master Plan for Sustainable Growth”
Schmidt, Joslyn. “Eastside High School: Master Plan and Outdoor Education Facilities”
Sheldon, Laurie. “Graham Swamp Interpretive Master Plan”
Silvern, Heath. “Countess De Hoernle Park”
Smith, Shane. “A Pedestrian-Friendly, Downtown Corridor for the City of Hawthorne, Florida”
Sutton, Jason. “Devereux Florida Viera Campus Master Plan”

Barranco, Natalia. “New River Park: A Terminus to the Riverwalk”
Breakfield, Paul. “Performing Arts Park”
Dean, Sheldon. “Camp Seminole Boy Scouts of America, Davie, Florida”
Forbes, Jeff. “Palm Coast Mixed-Use/Village Center, Orlando, Florida”
Hoosac, Kirk. “Recreational Wetland Park, Wellington, Florida”
Lehman, Nick. “Little Bokeelia: An Island Community, Florida”
Majors, Daniel. “Stark Ranch, Hobe Sound, Florida”
Nieman, Brian. “Williams Park Redevelopment, downtown St. Petersburg, Florida”
Perez, Nelson. “Possum Creek Park, Gainesville, Florida”
Riedl, Thomas. “Faris Tract Interpretation & Conservation Park, Brandford, Florida”
Spoonhour, Whitney. “Sandpearl Resort & Residences, Clearwater, Florida”
Sudman, Erin. “Responsible Single-family Residential Golf Community, Jupiter, Florida”
Summerford, Steve. “Horizons by Marriot Vacation Club International at Orlando, Florida”
Sutton, Chris. “Brownfield Remediation & Design in a Developing Urban Context, Sarasota, Florida”
Wardell, Sarah. “Urban Renewal, North Ft. Myers, Florida”
Wensell, Jack. “McIntosh, Florida: A Study on the Preservation of Place in a Growing Historical Community”
Wood, Brian. “Environmentally Sensitive Golf Course Community in Dade City, Florida”

Buckmaster, Lauren A. “Triaga: A Planned Equestrian Community”
Crowley, John Edward. “Moody Air Force Base: A Study in Defensible Planning”
Daniels, Jonathan. “Deerfield Preserve”
Dolan, Alexis. “Waterworks Park”
Godfrey, Brian J. “Serenity: A Mixed-Use Village”
Harrison, Hayley. “Lake Wire Redevelopment Plan: Freedom Park: Freedom Fighters Memorial”
Lohmiller, Clark. “Riverbend Retirement Community”
Mitchell, Joshua R.  “A Methodology of Planning and Design for: Canoeing and Kayaking in Northeast Florida”
Morgan, Heather. “The Nature Conservancy’s Disney Wilderness Preserve: Native Plant Demonstration Gardens”
Nolan, Brian J. “Moore Creek Restoration and Linear Park: A Process for Creek Restoration and Stormwater Mitigation”
Parker, Justin D. “Stillwater Preserve: A Social and Environmentally Friendly High-Density Residential Community”
Simpson, Jessica. “CSX Railyard Park: Lakeland, Florida”
Taylor, Derick S. “The Moroccan Jewel at Universal Orlando Lowes Hotel”
Waldman, Brett. “Myra Terwilleger Elementary: School Master Plan and Special Needs Playgrounds Design”
West, Stephen J. “City of South Bay Community Redevelopment Plan”
White, Melanie. “Secret Lake”

Barber, Billy. “Joe DiMaggio Sports Complex and Park: A Creative Design Approach for Developing on Brownfields”
Cantu, Ed. “Lake Bennet Village: A Mixed-Use Community”
Falquez, José. “Town of Marineland: A Coastal Settlement”
Juncal, Miguel. “Busch Gardens Orangutan Exhibit and Tiger Exhibit Redevelopment”
Lee, Judd. “Venetial Bay Town and Country Club”
Lethig, Chad. “Potter’s Arboretum: Hamilton County Parks and Recreation Department, Noblesville, Indiana”
Mangeen, Bonnie. “The Village at Driving Park”
Mihalovits, Jason. “Pine Jog Environmental Education Center Redevelopment”
Perez, Carlos. “Mixed-Use Transit Intermodal Facility”
Rollins, Rick. “St. Petersburg History at Lake Maggiore Park”
Russell, Donna. “Small Town Revitalization: A Case Study of Florala, Alabama”
Sanchez, Damian. “Mixed-Use Neighborhood Center: Verde Plaza”
Semonich, Steve. “Healthy Traditional Neighborhood Design: Sandy Hills Development”
Smith, Jared A. “South Brevard Wildlife Corridor”

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