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A Living Laboratory

Welcome to the University of Florida, a dynamic place to explore, create, and make a difference in the world!

The UF Landscape Architecture Department serves as a living laboratory where you can tackle some of the most pressing issues of our time. Here, you can participate in interdisciplinary studios, collaborate with research teams, join exciting field trips, and engage in community-based design-build projects.

Florida & Beyond

Through your studies, you can explore Florida’s amazing landscapes that range from crystalline springs to subtropical forests, from dune-swept beaches to mangrove swamps, from farm fields and ranchlands to magically themed environments, and beyond!

You can engage with communities across rapidly growing metropolises, small historic downtowns, sprawling suburbs, coastal fishing enclaves, and more. And Florida is far from the limit – you can also experience cultures across the globe like India, China, Indonesia, Croatia, Denmark, and more.

Gator Community

Often, some of the most lasting learning impacts come not only from knowledgeable faculty, but fellow peers. At UF, we prioritize small classes and hands-on experiences that foster community and a sense of belonging.

Because of this closeness, students often form meaningful friendships that last across their professional careers. Student groups like SCASLA (Student Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects) plan activities around socializing, service work, art, activism, and entertainment.

Interdisciplinary Future

As we work to solve some of the world’s most complex challenges, we know that we can’t do it alone. The Gator approach is grounded in connecting diverse perspectives to gain new insights.

From interdisciplinary design studios to joint initiatives within the School of Landscape Architecture and Planning, to collaborations across the College (Architecture, Construction Management, Historic Preservation, Interior Design, and Sustainability and the Built Environment), as well as partnerships with other departments in the University, UF offers a breadth of opportunities that can be tailored to your own passions.

“One of the highlights of my internship is coming back to the office from a site visit, busting the markers out and designing beautiful spaces! I love seeing what my peers and I can create for someone and bringing it to life with some color and creativity.”

Gabriella Gilliam, BLA ‘25




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