Lisa Platt headshot
Lisa Platt headshot

Welcome our newest faculty member, Lisa Platt.  Lisa has a bachelor’s from Savannah College of Art and Design in Interior Design, a Masters in Psychology-Industrial and Organizational focus, from Kansas State University and is completing her PhD at the State University of New York at Binghamton in Systems Science with a focus in Health Systems Engineering.  She will represent the Interior Design department in our college’s new Florida Institute for Build Environmental Resilience (FIBER).
” I am driven by the idea of how we can design and build systems that better support the humans using them. My career in healthcare environment design and operational improvement analysis has been to discover ways thoughtfully applied translational research can elicit practical innovation for improving human and system resilience. My tenure as a licensed designer, analyst, and operations systems researcher has allowed me to collaborate with cross-functional quality management teams in safety-critical industries in the U.S. and internationally. I have also had the benefit of being able to work with patient, rehabilitation, and long-term care resident groups around the world seeking evidence-based ways to use human-centered design for improving individual and population health and wellbeing. These healthcare stakeholders have included vulnerable persons such as those struggling with mental and behavioral health issues, chronic condition management, engaging in blind-rehabilitation, LGBTQ-centered healthcare, rural-health, and older adults. I spent several years working with Veteran Health Administration agencies and facilities to support their efforts on improving the Veteran experience in healthcare. This work included a three-year tenure as a healthcare environment improvement consultant with the VA National Office of Patient-Centered Care & Cultural Transformation (OPCC&CT) Veteran Centered Care program development and Field Implementation.

My current research focus is on using Resilience Engineering as a framework for prevention through design of healthcare environments. I am passionate about this research, as engineered systems within the healthcare environment can significantly affect both staff and patient physical and psychological safety. The primary purpose of my research is to explore potentials that Systems Engineering modeling tools have in informing reliable “Prevention through Design” (PtD) strategies for environment of care design and clinical support operation.

The motivation for choosing this area of research is due to the increasing emergence of opportunities for applying systems science to improve Human Factors in healthcare planning, operations, and process outcomes.

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