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Here you’ll find brief descriptions of all courses offered by the Interior Design Program.
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Course Title Semester Credits Description
IND 5212C Arch Interiors I Fall 5 Developing interior spaces from conceptual phases to final design resolution, based on the needs of people, interior considerations, and exterior influences. Emphasizes three-dimensional design development, process, and detailed graphic representation of designed spaces. Prerequisite: IND 5212c or consent of graduate coordinator.  Co-requisites: IND 5434C and IND 5508
IND 5231C Arch Interiors II
Varies 5 Designing micro-interior environments in relation to the architectural setting. Examines human perception, dimension, and spatial activity requirements. Explores the design process and graphic communication of interior design ideas. Prerequisite: consent of graduate coordinator
IND 5227C Adv Arch Interiors I Fall 6 Advanced problems with respect to sophisticated clients in urban settings. Ranges from the infrastructure of large urban spaces to the details of individual spaces, including corporate office planning and design of both public and private spaces. Prerequisite: consent of instructor or graduate coordinator. Co-requisite: IND 5454C
IND 5326 Color Theory Planning and Practice Varies
3 Explores color through a review of focused research and experiential learning. Examines the art and science of color theory in the context on interior design and allied fields.
IND 5427 Interior Design Construction Documents Fall
4 Systematic overview of construction systems, technologies, and materials. Emphasizes the design of interior systems, and detailing of systems, as an extension of the overall design concept. Prerequisite: consent of graduate coordinator
IND 5434C Interior Lighting Spring 3 Introduction to lighting design based on critical awareness of luminous environment and principles and perception of light and color. Graphic exercises in lighting design, documentation, and lighting calculations based on student design project solutions. Prerequisite: consent of graduate coordinator
IND 5454C Adv Interior Design Detailing and Construction Documents Fall 4 Advanced problems in interior finish systems, such as interior architecture and cabinetry exploration, and production of interior mechanical and millwork drawings and construction documents. Integration of building codes and life safety issues. Prerequisite: consent of graduate coordinator
IND 5466 Interior Env Technology Fall 3 Relation to human sensory reactions, psychological factors, health safety, and satisfaction. Vocabulary and concepts of interior environmental technology related to the process of design. Prerequisite: consent of graduate coordinator
IND 5508 Business and Professional Practices for Interior Designers
Spring 3 The profession of interior design as practiced today. Considers office practices and design project management. Contract documents, legal concerns, management and marketing strategies, personnel practices, and career planning. Ethics/contracting for design services via case studies. Prerequisite: consent of graduate coordinator
IND 5937 Current Topics in Interior Design Spring, Summer, Fall 1-3 MAX: 6 Framework to support theory, research, and application of interior design processes. Programming and post-occupancy phases through exploration of environment and behavior research and gaming simulation.
IND 6639 Methods of Interior Design Research Spring 3 Theory and methods related to research in interior design, environment and behavior, and history. Reciprocal interactions between people and the built environment. Prerequisite: graduate standing
IND 6906 Independent Studies
1-3 MAX: 9 IND6906 is a specialized course on a topic that requires an individualized semester program of study to be agreed upon by the supervisory professor.
IND 6940 Supervised Teaching  Spring, Summer, Fall 1-5 MAX: 5 IND 6940 is a specialized course on a topic that requires an individualized semester program of expected progress and goals to be agreed upon by the supervisory professor.
IND 6941 Design Field Experience  Spring, Summer, Fall 2-4 MAX: 4 Opportunities to work in an architectural or interior design office gaining hands-on professional experience working up to 12 weeks.
IND 6971 Research for Master’s Thesis  Spring, Summer, Fall 1-6 IND 6971 is typically completed during the last two to three semesters of the MID Program. At this point students have been working with their major professor on an agreed upon topic of research. It is strongly advised that the students have their supervisory committee in place before registering for this course.
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