Department of Interior Design

Courses for Non-majors

Whether you want to meet your history or international general education requirements or fulfill an interdisciplinary or ‘outside of your major or college’ requirement, we offer several courses to meet those requirements.  If you are interested in registering for any of these courses, please contact Michelle Matckie


IND 1020 Design Innovation
Credits: 3.
Overview of the interior design profession. The design of interiors to enhance human activity while observing life safety codes and human performance. Examines significant interiors and furniture components in the design process. (H)


IND 2100 History of Interior Design 1
Credits: 3.
History of interior spaces, design philosophy, interior elements in architectural and sociological context. Record of human achievement expressed in the built environment. Foundation for contemporary design and interior preservation practice. Ancient world through early nineteenth century. Slide lecture, discussion, outside research. (H and N)


IND 2130 History of Interior Design 2
Credits: 3; Prereq: IND 2100.
Continues the history of interior design. Evolution of contemporary design philosophy. Foundation for contemporary design and interior preservation practice. Nineteenth century revivals through current developments. Slide lecture, discussion, outside research. (H and N)