Bethlehem Methodist Episcopal Cemetery Conservation Management Plan

Archer, Florida

Established ca.1875, the cemetery has eighty known burial sites, many of which belong to formerly enslaved persons freed from nearby Cottonwood and Haile Plantations, and their descendants. The Conservation Management Plan (CMP) is a critical tool for addressing the short- and long-term preservation of the cemetery, and provides:

  • Narrative context statement of the site’s history, cultural significance, and burial site summaries;
  • Documentation of the physical (both built and natural) components of the site;
  • Philosophical approach to guide the site’s preservation; and
  • Management recommendations, such as cyclical maintenance.

Sponsor Florida Division of Historical Resources [$12,500], William T. Bland Endowment for Preserving Florida’s History [$12,500]

Partners BMECR Organization and Florida Public Archaeology Network

Period July 2020 – June 2021

Focus Area Inclusive Heritage, Envision Heritage


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