Class of 2014

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Linda Stevenson, Co-Director
Morris (Marty) Hylton III, Co-Director
Briane Shane, TA


Buthinh Aljehani (Philly U)
Yesra Alrashed (Philly U)
Daniel Kruel (UF)
Jo-chin Lee (Philly U)
Karen McIlvoy (UF)
Teague Nelson (Randolph)
Kara Ropsingh (ICOMOS)
Ghosson Sarhan (Philly U)
Miaoxin Wang (Philly U)
Marjorie Younger-Robinson (Philly U)


  • Nantucket Historic Interiors- Kickoff, 12 structures

Visiting Faculty and Guest Lecturers

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