Department of Interior Design
Gallery at Night, photo credit: Aaron Bailey


The College

The Department of Interior Design is found in the Architecture Building and additionally, shares space in the Fine Arts Building for classes, wood shop, offices and studios. It is adjacent to the College of Music, numerous studio housing facilities, and the University’s administrative building. The Dean’s Office is located on the third floor of the Architecture Building in Room 331 and the office for the Department of Interior Design can be found in room 336.

Studio Facilities

Studios are open 24 hours per day. Studio learning defines the core of the interior design program at UF. Design studios engage students in intensive research, design development and solutions. With faculty mentors, students develop the thinking, technical, creative, and pre-design research skills to become practicing designers positioned for leadership. In the upper division studios, each student has his or her own workstation, in a secured but fully accessible space. The studios are equipped with digital sketch tablets for critique and work reviews, plotters for large scale color printing and projectors for presentations. Further, the limited enrollment of the studio sections that generally have no more than 18 students facilitates strong working relationships with the faculty who team teach and therefore, bring a diversity of perspectives and expertise to the students.

Harn Museum Chandler Auditorium

The School of Architecture Lecture Series is held regularly at the Harn Museum Chandler Auditorium. ”...The museum builds and maintains exemplary art collections and produces a wide variety of challenging, innovative exhibitions and stimulating educational programs…” -excerpt from the Harn Museum Mission Statement

Architecture & Fine Arts Library

This library provides students access to 85,000 bound volumes, 640 periodicals, 200 videotapes and 40,000 microforms focusing on the history, theory and practice of architecture, art, graphic design and building construction. It also features online linkage to the Avery Index, computer and laser disc access to the Avery Drawing Collection, and a rare book collection. Equally useful is the UF Architecture & Fine Arts Slide Library (a vital visual resource for class presentations, with more than 200,000 slides of important works in art and architecture).

Wood Shop:

The UF College of Design, Construction and Planning’s fully equipped wood shop affords students a cutting edge in manipulating materials and form. A learning laboratory, the wood shop enables students to test their design ideas on real materials at full scale, with training and access to a full complement of power tools at no charge. A full-time wood shop supervisor is on hand to provide technical assistance and facilitate practical problem solving as needed.