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Andrew Castanheira, “Eco-Revelatory Design – Take II: Design Interventions at Sweetwater Wetlands Park”

Yiying Deng, “Adaptation to Sea Level Rise: Adaptive Strategies for Urban Waterfront Parks”

Jiaying Hu, “Sensory Gardens: Public and Professional Perceptions and Design Recommendation”

Ming Ji, “Wildlife-Friendly Streetscape”

Sarah McDermott, “Springshed Restoration: Recovery Potential of Green Infrastructure and Opportunities for Restoration within the Kings Bay/Crystal River Springshed”

Christopher Nelson, “First Amendment & U”

Bryan Pepper, “Skateboarding and the Urban Landscape: Integrating Cultures in Porter’s Art Park”

Breanna Ross Stern, “Landscape Architecture on the Offense: Designing an Urban Park for Homeless Populations in Northeast Florida”                                                                        

Xiaoya Wu, “A Study of the Amenity Design Principles of Green Street Projects in Seattle and Their Application to Innovation Square in Gainesville”

Jingyan Xu, “Comparative Study of Urban Riverine Flooding Landscape Infrastructure in U.S. and China”                                                                                                                                

Hua Huang, “Elements Affecting Psychological Accessibility of Neighborhood Parks in Gainesville”

Lea Kindt, “Conversations on Maintenance – Design Strategy for Landscapes that Change”          

Wenjun Lu, “The Influence of Bus Stop Amenity Design on Riders’ Willingness to Utilize Bus Transit: The Gainesville, FL RTS as Case Study”                            

Kim Pollard, “Gauging Public Perception of Landscape Architecture through Spouses“     

Jason Seickel, “Gainesville’s Depot Park:  A Study of Social Interaction”                                        

Kelsey Trujeque, Waiving Complete Streets? Are eminent domain waivers in roadway expansion projects helping or hurting Florida’s Complete Streets Initiative?”

Joshua Lower, “Design Guidelines for Enhanced Visual Preference and Community Identity at Highway Interchanges”

Caroline Baek, “Interpretation of the Cultural and Scientific Landscape of the Bosscha Observatory: Site and Design Concept Through Contemporary Cesign”

Meredith Leigh, ”Romancing the Seine: An Exploration into the Experience of Romantic Urban Landscapes”

Mary Brown, “Investigation of a Synergistic Relationship Between Conservation and Cattle Ranching: A GIS Modeling Analysis in South Central Florida“

Charles Bondo, “Interpretation as a Means to Design Public Space: A Focus on Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site”

Katherine Clark, “Fish Camps: Lessons from a Vernacular Landscape”

Carrie Gibson, “Sensitive Development and Historic Districts: Recommendations for Connecting to Sense of Place”

Kim Heiss, “Visual Preference for Stormwater Pond Edge Treatments: Design Guidelines for Enhanced Stormwater Ponds in Opens Space Subdivisions”

Amy Morie, “Hangouts Close to Home: Teen Landscape Preferences for North Florida Neighborhoods”

Robin Pelensky, “Walkability and Low Impact Development in Newberry, Florida: Design Guidelines for Rural Communities“

Louis Pesce, “A Pair of Spectacles as Lenses in Landscape: Poetic Interpretations of a Boston Harbor Island“

Ken Ray, “Guidelines for Developing Neighborhood Park Spaces for an Active and Healthy Living Culture”

Robbie Roach, “Encouraging Outdoor Education in Elementary Curriculum“

Neal Schafers, “Green Design: Strategies and Applications for Planning and Designing Sustainable Communities and Homes”

Melissa Werndli, “Land Use Visualization Using Multi-Criteria Evaluation and a GIS Based Decision Support System: A Quasi-Dynamic Model”

Stephanie Appel, “Dynamic Interpretation and Design Development Guidelines: Integrating Botanical Garden Objectives into the Landscape“

Ivy Clinton, “Designing Urban Parks to Promote Physical Activity: A Set of Design Guidelines for Landscape Architects”

Brenda Curtis, “Using Community Input to Create Future Development Plans in Keeping with the Preservation of the Cultural and Natural Character of Panacea, Florida”

Ana Maria Mena, “Designing For the Birds: Using GIS Analysis and Landscape Architecture Design Process to Enhance and Preserve Urban Avian Habitat in Gainesville, Florida”

Cary Hester, “A Restoration Proposal for Palm Cottage Gardens Gotha, Florida”

Michael Madsen, “Landscape Architecture “Revalidation” of Les Halles: A Theory-Based Critique”

Danika Randolph, “Hydrozone Design in Pasco County, Florida: Resources for Water-Conserving Landscape Ordinance Requirements”

Karen Bishop, “Security by Design, Reducing Opportunities and Rewards of Terrorism: Landscape Architecture Design Guidelines for the Urban Core of Jacksonville, Florida”

Ryan Hargrove, “Remembering the Past, Designing the Future: Design Guidelines for the Enhancement and Creation of Alzheimer’s Gardens”

Marjorie Hennessy, “Physical Suitability and Local Attitudes: A Process for Exploring the Ecotourism Potential in Parque Nacional Sierra de Bahoruco”

Kelly Hughes, “Redesigning Renourishment: Guidelines and Priorities that Create a Better Beach for Sea Turtles, Human Users, and the Goals of Beach Renourishment”

Rachel A. Morten, “Connecting People with Wildlife: An Integration of Wildlife Rehabilitation, Ecosystem Restoration, and Prescribed Burning”

Christine M. Stafford, “An Evaluation of the Potential Use of New Urbanism and CPTED in Subsidized Elderly Housing”

Christopher Wirtz, “A Three-step Approach to Obtaining Design Preferences from the Citizens of San Pedro, California”

Jeffrey Maxwell, “Restorative Environments and Landscape Architecture in Healthcare Settings”

Daniel P. Manley, “The Degree of Civitas in Golf Courses Integrating the Golf Course and the New Urbanism”

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