Department of Landscape Architecture

First Professional Master of Landscape Architecture Program

The First Professional Master of Landscape Architecture (FPMLA) program is a three and a half year course of study (beginning in May) for those entering from a discipline other than landscape architecture. Applicants already holding a degree in landscape architecture should refer to the Post Professional Master of Landscape Architecture Program (PPMLA).

Prior educational experience from any field is accepted for the First Professional Master of Landscape Architecture resulting in a student body with a wide range of education and life experiences that enrich learning for all. The first year of the program (the preMLA sequence) is provided for students from non-design backgrounds. This program begins in the Summer semester and continues during the subsequent Fall and Spring semesters to establish core skills and knowledge in graphics, design, computer applications, site analysis, etc. Education and training in planning, the allied design fields and other related areas may allow a student to waive specific courses in the in the preMLA sequence. After completing the preMLA sequence, students commence their course of study in the two year, Advanced Graduate Curriculum, or MLA.

The preMLA sequence is devoted to exposing students to the breadth of the discipline of landscape architecture and equipping them with the core knowledge and skill sets that prepare them to enter practice. The Advanced Graduate Study sequence allows students to issues of relevance to the discipline through critical analysis and research culminating in a terminal project or thesis.

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For additional information or assistance, please contact:

Debbie Rhoden, Program Assistant
431 ARCH
School of Landscape Architecture & Planning
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