Alumni Engagement

Alumni support has made a significant impact on our many achievements.   As you remember your time spent in our hallways, classrooms and studios we invite you to consider any of these opportunities to reconnect with us.  Your continued support will help us in our quest for preeminence.

Individuals, alumni or industry professionals, who were selected by the programs or a committee to represent the industry that they serve.  These individuals volunteer their time and treasure to support the programs.

The advisory boards impact the curriculum, accreditation, student recruitment, provide financial support as well as many other important activities.  The support from these boards contributes to the success of each program.

The College of Design, Construction & Planning recognizes the success of their alumni and industry professionals.  The programs are proud of their accomplishments and seek to recognize the effort of serving others, communities and their alma mater.

DCP friends program logo

In 2018, the College of Design, Construction & Planning created the FRIENDS PROGRAM to provide an opportunity for individuals to contribute financially to their program.  Each program within the College needs to have funds that are not restricted to a specific purpose.  This allows the program to support their greatest need.  Some examples include:  a student club needing funds to cover conference registration costs, a competition team that was unfunded needing to cover travel expenses, a faculty member wanting to research a new software for their course, a printer for a lab, or a furniture piece for a studio.

Contact Kim Stanley at to learn more about any of these opportunities.

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