CACIM features Cognitive Digital Twins in Building Operation and Maintenance in UF AI Days 2023

The Center for Advanced Construction Information Modeling (CACIM) at the University of Florida recently showcased its latest research on Cognitive Digital Twins for Building Operation and Maintenance at the UF AI Days 2023 event. The event was held on Wednesday, October 18th from 4:00 P.M.-6:00 P.M. in the Reitz Union Ballroom. It was an annual event, university-wide, highlighting all things AI at the University of Florida.

Digital twins integrated with artificial intelligence have emerging applications for smarter facility management. CACIM is exploring how to create cognitive digital twins by enhancing BIM models with real-time data and predictive capabilities.

CACIM Outlined Research on AI-Enhanced Digital Twins

The CACIM team explained their core objectives:

  • Investigating applications of digital twins for building operations and maintenance
  • Developing a workflow to transform BIM into a live “status” digital twin
  • Enhancing the digital twin with AI to create a “cognitive” twin
  • Demonstrating predictive maintenance use cases by monitoring key parameters

They displayed a prototype that integrates the UF campus building “Heavener Hall” BIM model with live data and machine learning algorithms to predict future maintenance needs and system behaviors.

Cognitive Digital Twins Offer Smarter Facility Management

Transforming BIM into cognitive digital twins presents exciting opportunities to advance data-driven facilities management. By combining modeling, IoT integration, and AI, cognitive twins enable proactive maintenance and optimal system performance.

CACIM’s innovative research bridges cutting-edge technologies to make cognitive digital twins a reality. Their work at UF AI Days provided a glimpse into more intelligent and efficient building operation and maintenance enabled by AI.

by: Ricardo Gallopp

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