Why sponsor CACIM?

Sponsorship provides an exclusive opportunity for corporations to have access to a valuable resource for conducting research that is too costly or too “far out” to be accommodated within a corporate environment. It is also an opportunity for corporations to bring their business challenges and concerns to CACIM. CACIM pursues a range of research that no single company could match, and can provide an abundance of ideas, technologies, and paradigms for the future.

What kind of organizations join CACIM?

Any company wanting to be a leader in technology can join CACIM. Organizations in Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Planning are just some of the many entities interested in CACIM’s research and advice.

What do sponsors get with Membership?

CACIM works closely with its sponsors to provide them with innovative counsel and become an integral part of the Rinker community, which facilitates access to webinars, continuing education courses, and access to research, case studies, and other publications. Sponsors will also be entitled to send two (2) participants to the yearly CACIM summer seminar on Current Issues and Advances in Construction Information Modeling (a $3,000 value per participant). In addition, sponsors will have a seat on the CACIM Research Advisory Board.

What does it cost to be a CACIM sponsor?

Sponsorships start at $10,000 per year.

For more details about becoming a CACIM sponsor, please contact CACIM.

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