The Center for Advanced Construction Information Modeling (CACIM) was established in January 2010 in order to facilitate a greater commitment to improved information technology deployment in the construction industry. The use of the Building Information Modeling (BIM) approach to enhance the learning and understanding of the construction techniques needed in constructing the buildings and infrastructure of the future is critical to improving the productivity of the construction industry.
CACIM is comprised of faculty and staff including Masters and PhD students with research interests in a variety of areas. This diverse group of individuals has published a wealth of resources related to BIM and IT in construction. They are also all extensive users of leading software in the construction industry.

The BIM Round Table

The BIM Round Table image

Buildings are a representation of the collaborative knowledge of many individuals. Therefore, at CACIM, we are dedicated to creating a collaborative work environment in which multidisciplinary cooperation is encouraged. Each week, CACIM’s diverse team meets around the “BIM Roundtable” to discuss new and emerging research trends in technology in construction. This conversation and hands-on interaction takes place around a large conference table with an interactive smart board where collaborative exchange is enhanced.

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