The purpose of this site is to share:

  • Climate change information relevant for landscape architects
  • Current projects and strategies being employed by landscape architects globally to address climate change
  • Resources to help landscape architects address climate change

This project began in 2016 at the University of Florida as a partnership between the Departments of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Horticulture. Initial research included a survey of attitudes and perceptions of Florida landscape architects regarding climate change with the goal of collecting input on the relevance of climate change for the profession, identifying information gaps, and locating barriers to considering climate change in projects. Funding from the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture’s CLASS Fund provided for further analysis of the survey data, additional data collection and research, and preparation of this website and other publications. Publication and travel support was also provided by the University of Florida DCP Travel Grant Initiative. Although this website is focused on the needs of landscape architects in Florida, we believe it is broadly relevant for landscape architects in other locations as well.

The following page provides more information about the survey and the team’s related research: Summary of Survey Results. Full results and discussion can be found in Nawari, N., Clark, N. (Eds). Tropical Storms as a Setting for Adaptive Development and Architecture: iNTA 2017, available on Amazon or Kindle.

With work from 2016-18 primarily focused on existing landscape practitioners, additional funding was received in 2019 from the CLASS Fund to identify and assess needs and methods for educating future landscape architects and horticulturists about climate change, climate-wise plant material, and design strategies. More information about this project is available from the CLASS Fund here, including the full project proposal and quarterly reports.

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