The School of Landscape Architecture and Planning (SLA&P) benefits from the collaborative environment in the Departments of Landscape Architecture (LA) and Urban and Regional Planning (URP).  The UF Faculty Senate approved the new school on October 22, 2009, and the UF Board of Trustees authorized the new school on February 25, 2010. The school structure formalizes synergies in teaching, research, and service, allowing the accredited professional programs in LA and URP to be sustained and enhanced.
It is the vision of the University of Florida’s School of Landscape Architecture and Planning (SLA&P) to be a leading design and planning program by building on the synergies of the two disciplines, specifically our expertise in sustainability, environment and design, systems thinking, policy making, and regionalism.
To realize this vision, SLA&P’s mission is

  • To advance the ethical, creative, and skillful application of the arts and sciences in planning, designing, and managing built and natural environments;
  • To conduct innovative, cutting-edge research, developing new theories, methodologies, and technologies that guide the next generation of landscape architects and planners; and
  • To provide professional and public services to communities throughout Florida, the nation, and the world.

SLAP Strategic Plan – Adopted April, 3 2020

From award-winning collaborative studios to hosting prominent speakers who bridge the fields of LA and URP, SLA&P explores the research synergies, opportunities for innovation, service experiences, and multidisciplinary learning environments that enhance and strengthen our programs for students and faculty.


Kathryn Frank
Associate Professor and Acting Director of the School of Landscape Architecture and Planning

Dan Manley, PLA, ASLA
Instructional Assistant Professor and Acting Associate Director of the School of Landscape Architecture and Planning
Landscape Architecture Department