MURP and PhD. – URP students are eligible for certain APA, College, and Departmental awards.  The awards are presented at the Annual URP Awards Ceremony in March.
These awards include:

Carl Feiss Urban and Environmental Design Award

URP alumni and friends established this award in honor of Carl Feiss, who was among the founding faculty of URP. He was trained as an architect and was instrumental in founding the planning professional nationally through his work on affordable housing, historic preservation and other regional planning priorities from the Roosevelt (FDR) to the Kennedy administrations. This award is given to a URP student whose focus is in Urban and Environmental Design. The student must have completed at least one semester of studies with some coursework in urban and environmental design. The awardee must have earned at least a 3.5 GPA in all graduate work and must have demonstrated significant promise relative to future professional or academic success, based upon studio work, papers, or presentations in urban and environmental design.

Jim Beeler Public Service Memorial Award

This award is given in honor of James Nevin Beeler, Jr., who graduated from the URP program in Spring 2011 and passed away in Fall of 2012. Jim was active in local political and civic circles everywhere he lived. He was not afraid to get involved in public controversy and public service. Before becoming a URP student, he served on Tampa-Hillsborough County Planning Commission and worked on several campaigns for area politicians. This award is presented to students who engage in public service and make a difference in their communities.

Margaret E. Raynal Memorial Fund Award

This award is given in honor of Margaret E. Raynal, who was the state trainer for the Florida Traffic and Bicycle Safety Education Program until her death in a bicycle crash in December 1996. This award is presented to an exceptional student who specializes in environmental or transportation (particularly alternative forms of transportation) planning or health education.

Paul and Malea Zwick Graduate Student Award

Established by URP Professor Emeritus Paul Zwick and his wife, Malea, this award recognizes a student who has best integrated innovative use of technology into their solution for urban and regional planning problems or research.

Peter Kanavos Sr. Memorial Award Fund

This award is in honor of Mr. Kanavos who was the president of the Flag Development Company and is funded by the family and friends of Mr. Kanavos. This award is presented to an outstanding student who is interested in real estate and development.

Ulla Rydberg Memorial Fund

This award is given in honor of Ms. Rydberg who was a researcher in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at the time of her death in 1991.  It honors her commitment to gerontology and other forms of social planning by recognizing an outstanding student focusing on one of these fields.

WRS Infrastructure & Environment Inc. Award in Memoriam of Mario Ripol

This award is presented in memory of Mario Ripol, who was a research associate in GeoPlan when he was killed in an automobile crash in December 2000. This award is presented to an outstanding student who specializes in information technology for planning.

APA Outstanding Student Award

The American Planning Association presents this award to one student in each accredited planning program. This award recognizes a student who has performed well in class, demonstrates leadership, and shows promise of early achievement in the planning profession.

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