Program in Sustainability and the Built Environment

Green Building Learning Collaborative (GBLC)

UF Green Building Learning Collaborative (GBLC)

An Industry Advisory Board that was conceived by the Director, Bahar Armaghani in fall of 2014.

This industry advisory board is composed of members of various industries who are global leaders in sustainability. The purpose of this industry advisory board is to help our degree reflect current developments and industry skills requirements, offer students support in leadership and obtaining credentials, and occasionally sponsorship for undergraduate final-year projects.

Collaboration between academia and industry is of course a two-way process. For instance, serving on this board allows these industries to make themselves known to students early in their university careers as a potential employer and enables them to influence and encourage students with their studies and the career opportunities available to them. They are able to help shape course content from an industrial perspective to keep it relevant and interesting so our graduates are employable at the end of their studies.

Every fall and spring semesters board members participate in our program events include guest lectures, presentations, career showcase, mentoring final projects, and leadership lecture series. These enable students to develop contacts with companies and to tap into potential partnership and employment opportunities.

Our collaboration and partnership with industry not only enhance our students’ learning experience, but also make a vital contribution to their successful development.


To create a learning collaborative for students, faculty and industry to foster sustainability leadership and stewardship through participation in applied projects that address sustainability through the planning, design, construction, and operation of green buildings.


To add to the preeminence of our sustainability and the built environment program by providing students with the opportunity to gain marketable skills and knowledge through hands on projects focused on green buildings.


1. To provide students the opportunity to participate in applied sustainability projects focused on green buildings.
2. To allow for student mentoring by industry partners.
3. To develop marketable skills through hands on experience for the green job market.
4. To promote leadership in sustainability and the built environment.

Strategic Plan
Board Members