SBE / Master in Integrated Sustainable Development, 4+1

This program is currently under development and is scheduled to launch in fall 2020.

This 30-credit hour 15 month degree program includes a combination of courses from the units within the College of Design, Construction and Planning (Architecture, Building Construction, Landscape Architecture, Planning, and Sustainability and the Built Environment) as well as courses from Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering.

The curriculum focuses on collaborative and integrative design, construction and engineering problem solving in the built environment as well as leadership and management.

MISD students are critical thinkers, managers of complexity and strategists capable of creating comprehensive assessments and solutions to cross-disciplinary problems with social, political, economic, ethical and technical components.

Student Outcomes include:

  • Delineate and apply principles of sustainability to problems of the built environment
  • Understand the collaborative roles of an integrated project team in the delivery of sustainable development projects.
  • Demonstrate the capacity to undertake return on investment analysis of sustainable development projects for the built environment.
  • Apply a wide range of skills, tools and methodologies to sustainable problem solving combining engineering capabilities, innovation, design and soft skills (i.e., communication and facilitation)

For more information about MISD or for inclusion in degree updates, contact SBE Program Director Bahar Armaghani at 352-294-1428 or

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