Program in Sustainability and the Built Environment


The College of Design, Construction and Planning (DCP) offers its newest undergraduate degree Program in Sustainability and the Built Environment (SBE). It was conceived of by former Dean, Dr. Christopher Silver, FAICP with courses first being offered in Fall 2008. Professor Margaret (Peggy) Carr served as its first director through spring 2018. Professor Bahar Armaghani was named the Program’s second director beginning in May, 2018.

The SBE degree has been designed to provide majors with the opportunity to combine the degree with accelerated completion of a graduate degree from DCP, and minor in sustainability to other academic units across campus.

In fall of 2019, the number of majors topped 145 students, the third largest undergraduate degree program in the College of Design, Construction and Planning. Approximately 25 students complete the program’s minor every year.


Inspire, engage, educate, and graduate leaders to create vibrant, resilient, and regenerative communities while protecting natural and cultural resources.

Arm graduates with the tools and skills needed to combat climate change to improve social, economic, and well-being of the planet and human being.


– Responsibility
It is our duty to teach future generation the strategies, tools, and skills needed to save the planet.
– Integrity
We emphasis on having strong moral principles to be an effective conserver and consumer.
– Innovation
We encourage and celebrate innovation in our students’ work and the application of better solutions to climate issues.
– Leadership
We instill in our students to believe in themselves, strive for success, and embrace a global world-view to recognize the connection between the planet and humanity; thereby, through personal and organizational choices, effects positive environmental and social change.