M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management

Sponsorship Opportunities

Mike Thomas (far left) and Dennis Gallagher (far right) stand with Rinker School Director Dr. Robert Ries. The Weitz Company graciously sponsored the Spring 2014 Welcome Reception.

Rob and Tammy Springer of Springer-Peterson Roofing & Sheet Metal accept plaque of appreciation from Rinker School Director Dr. Robert Ries. Springer-Peterson sponsored the Spring 2014 Graduation Dinner.

There are many opportunities to support the Rinker School and get involved with students activities, clubs or teams. If you are interested in any of these activities, please contact Dr. Robert Ries. A summary of opportunities as well as past sponsors are listed below.


The Rinker School has a limited budget, and there are many activities and items for which we could certainly use your financial assistance. In return for your underwriting of these activities/items, we would provide appropriate publicity regarding your support.

For example, in the case of events, we would be pleased to have a company representative attend the event and say a few words on behalf of your firm. For the Newsletter, we would include prominent credit on the back page of the Newsletter.


Spring 2018 NAHB Competition Team $7,500
Spring 2018 BCN Newsletter $8,000
Spring 2019 Graduation Dinner $6,500
Fall 2018 Graduation Dinner $6,500
Fall 2019 Welcome Reception $4,500
Fall 2019 Homecoming BBQ $5,000
   If you need additional information or would like to sponsor an upcoming event or activity, please contact Dr. Robert Ries (rries@ufl.edu).


Welcome Reception
Spring 2017 – Holder Construction
Fall 2017 – Kaufman Lynn
Spring 2018 – Brasfield & Gorrie
Fall 2018 – DeAngelis Diamond
Spring 2019 – DeAngelis Diamond

Graduation Dinner
Fall 2016 – Haskell
Spring 2017 – Balfour Beatty Construction
Fall 2017 – Brandon Construction
Spring 2018 – Baker Concrete

Homecoming BBQ
Fall 2017 – Clark Construction
Fall 2018 – Current Builders

Fall/Spring 2016 – Balfour Beatty and PCL
Spring 2017 – Balfour Beatty and PCL
Fall 2017 – Diligent Services, Inc.


Concrete Competition Team
Spring 2017 – Baker Concrete

Residential Competition Team
Spring 2017 – WCI Communities

LEED Competition Team
Spring 2017 – Current Builders

BIM Competition Team
Fall 2016 – DPR Construction

ABC CM Competition Team
Fall 2016 – Hedrick Brothers

ASC Commercial
Fall 2016 – Balfour Beatty Construction

DBIA Competition Team
Fall 2016 – Stellar Construction

Design Build Competition Team
Fall 2016 – Haskell

Heavy Construction Competition Team
Fall 2016 – Nelson Construction

Previous Sponsors

Special thanks to our past event sponsors.

Homecoming BBQ
2014 – Clark Construction
2015 – Hedrick Brothers Construction
2016 – Current Builders
Graduation Dinner
Spring 2014 – Springer-Peterson
Spring 2015- Balfour Beatty Construction
Fall 2015 – Baker Concrete
Welcome Reception
Spring 2014 – The Weitz Company
Fall 2014 – Holder Construction
Spring 2015 – J. Raymond Construction
Fall 2015 – Kaufman Lynn Construction
Spring 2016 – Juneau Construction
Fall 2016 – D.E. Scorpio
BCN Newsletter
Spring 2014 – Balfour Beatty Construction, CEMEX
Fall 2014 – Balfour Beatty Construction, CEMEX
Spring 2015 – Balfour Beatty Construction, CEMEX
Fall 2015 – Balfour Beatty Construction, Coastal Construction
BIM Competition Team
Spring 2015-currrent DPR Construction
Spring 2010-2014 – Turner Construction
  ASC Commercial Team
(1998 – present) Balfour Beatty
Design-Build Team (ASC)
(2002-present) Haskell Company
Design-Build Team (DBIA)
Fall 2014 Stellar
Heavy Construction Team
(2006-present) Nelson Construction
ABC Competition Team
Spring 2017 Hedrick Brothers
NAHB Competition Team
2016 – Coastal Construction
LEED Competition Team
Spring 2016 – Hedrick Brothers
Roofing Competition Team
Spring 2015 – FRSA Association
Concrete Competition Team
2014-current – Baker Concrete