M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management

Student Spotlight: Jahza Klochko, Construction Management J2

“I want to do something that is going to make a positive impact on the current state of the world and help create a better future,” stated University of Florida College of Construction Management J2 Jahza Klochko.

Jahza Klochko-Khoo came to the U.S. on his own when he was 13 years old, and with him he brought a passion for sustainability. Born in remote Costa Rica, he grew up with solar electricity, running water from the stream and learned at a young age to live life taking less and giving more- especially when it came to planet earth. His kindergarten class was the very first in his town and a typical day would be spent spear fishing in the warm waters of the Golfo Dulce and climbing exotic trees to get fresh fruit.

An interest in Construction Management sparked from living with his aunt in Detroit, Michigan where she owned and operated a construction management company. That spark grew into a fire when he got into UF, and now that fire burns bright for changing the face of the renewable energy sector.

Klochko-Khoo minors in Sustainability in the Built Environment. This motivated him to reach out further into the community and U.S. for a way to stay educated on current trends. The result was him leading a trip to the Greenbuild Expo Conference for himself and 6 other students. He was able to get the trip to Boston, Massachusetts fully funded. The group attended workshops, seminars, and lectures covering the leading techniques and materials in the sustainable/green construction industry. They were also able to establish career oriented connections through the conference. This November, Jahza will again lead a group of students to the conference this time in Chicago, Illinois.

Klochko-Khoo will graduate in December 2019 but before he does, he strives to make a trip to the conference an annual occurrence. His goal is to make it a repetitive program in order to provide more depth and exposure to the renewable energy sector of Construction Management.

“I am so grateful to be part of DCP and specifically Rinker. Being surrounded by this group of peers, professors and faculty has opened the door to countless opportunities which have led to irreplaceable experiences and connections. I will forever be thankful for the support and opportunity for growth that I have experienced at the University of Florida.”