M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management

Rinker School Launches New Masters Degree

March 2018

Gainesville, FL

New Rinker School Masters Degree Partnership with the Singapore BCA Launching in March 2018

On the dawn of the 20th Anniversary of the launch of the online Masters in International Construction Management (MICM) program in 1999, the Rinker School is partnering with the Singapore Building & Construction Authority (BCA) to develop a new Major in Construction Productivity to meet the growing demand in Southeast Asia for construction managers with advanced, graduate degrees. The Rinker School was approached by BCA in 2014 to initiate a collaboration which would take advantage of the industry and research experience and skills of a preeminent American school of construction management to meet the demand for graduate construction managers by the global marketplace for construction services.

The resulting new MICM Major in Construction Productivity (CP) will be taught by Rinker School faculty in collaboration with adjunct faculty located in Singapore. The MICM-CP degree will be administered and conferred by the University of Florida. The attendees will all be experienced construction managers from Singapore and neighboring countries. The MICM-CP degree will be an intensive, two year, four semester, 12 course program and, as part of the coursework, the student will be expected to conduct research into, and solve a significant challenge that each of their employers is facing. A new cohort of 20 students is expected to begin the program each year until it reaches its capacity of 40 students.

In addition to the inclusion of existing MICM courses, several new MICM courses on construction productivity, BIMNR integration, and modular construction are being developed specifically for this Major. The program will be delivered using a hybrid approach that combines online, face-to-face, and videoconferencing classes. Rinker School faculty will visit BCA each semester to conduct face-to-face classes and assessments for select courses.

The first cohort of 20 students is expected to complete the program in December 2019. Dr. Charles Kibert and Dr. Raymond Issa are coordinating the launch of this program and can be contacted for further information regarding the new MICM-CP degree as well as the existing MICM degree and certificate programs.