M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management

Code Enforcement – Press Release

27 November 2017

Gainesville, FL

The Center for Advanced Construction Information Modelling at the University of Florida, in partnership with Building A Safer Florida (BASF), will be releasing a survey on 4 December 2017. The survey will be sent via email to all Code Enforcement and Permitting Professionals in the State of Florida. This survey has been designed as part of an analysis of code enforcement and permitting implementation, requirements, fees, training and education in the State of Florida.

The survey will ask basic demographic questions and then a series of questions related to your experiences as a code enforcement and/or permitting professional. This data is a vital first step in analyzing the state of code enforcement and permitting in the State of Florida. We thank you for your time, shared expertise and valuable responses.

Contact: Dr. Raymond Issa
Email: raymond-issa@ufl.edu


Analysis of Code Enforcement and Permitting Procedures in the State of Florida

Code Enforcement and Permitting Professionals.

The survey will be released on the 4 December 2017.

The survey will be sent via e-mail, from the University of Florida or from your supervisor.

Should you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact the principal investigator Dr. Raymond Issa at raymond-issa@ufl.edu.