Department of Interior Design

PhD Graduate Research


PhD research opportunities

Research suggestions for your PhD dissertation

  • Computer aided design techniques and application in interior design
  • Corporate design and workplace issues
  • Design process including programming, participatory design involving the public, post occupancy evaluations, and design education
  • Educational settings
  • Environment and behavior issues related to the interaction between human populations (e.g. children, elderly, disabled) and space
  • Healthcare, universal design, and elderly housing
  • Lighting and Color
  • Sustainable design including efficient use of energy and materials

We invite you to take a look at some of the MID and doctoral dissertations that have been created within our program. The following examples should give you an idea of the overall content, extent, and format expectations for Interior Design graduate work. These examples also illustrate some areas of inquiry currently being developed by our faculty and which are available for exploration by our students.


  • Cotera, Pamela (2011) A post-occupancy evaluation: to what degree do LEED certified buildings maintain their sustainable integrities over time? (MID thesis)
  • Vatralova, Zuzana (2010) ABC of green design: exploring the influence of parents’ pro-environmental values, beliefs, behaviors, and knowledge on their preferences related to green childcare design (MID thesis)

Design and Creativity

  • Kobnithikulwong, S. (2007) Creativity and imagery in interior design students: exploring relationships among creative personality, performance, and vividness of visual imagery. (MID thesis)
  • Miller, A. E. (2005) Fun in the workplace: toward an environment-behavior framework relating office design, employee creativity, and job satisfaction. (MID thesis)

Participatory Research

  • Zhu, Yun (2006) Comparing human and social resources accumulated through participation with Habitat for Humanity in scattered sites and Habitat neighborhoods. (Doctoral dissertation)

Historic Preservation

  • Lang, T. (2008) Caribbean influences on the Hamilton Grange: architectural imprints on Alexander Hamilton result in syncretism. (MID thesis)
  • Goldsmith, J.M. (2007) The evolution of the architectural ornamentation on the University of Florida Campus, 1906-1956. (MID thesis)

Design Pedagogy

  • Ransdell, Marlo Evelyn (2009) Designscholar: examining creative thinking in an online learning community for interior design graduate students.

Check out the UF Architecture and Fine Arts Library Database for additional Thesis and Doctoral Dissertations for additional inspiration.

Check the Reading List for more suggestions.