Department of Interior Design

Master’s Costs


The University of Florida Office of Financial assistance has programs available for Graduate Students. Funding through the Department of Interior Design is dependent on budgetary constraints. From time to time, the Department of Interior Design provides some financial assistance for costs associated with collecting data for masters research.

Quick Links:

UF Graduate Fellowships and UF Student Financial Affairs


General needs for LAPTOPS

  • 3.0Ghz processor (min)
  • 8GB memory (16GB or Higher Recommended)
  • 100 GB hard drive (512 GB hard drive recommended)
  • Windows 7 or Mac OSX*
  • 512MB min (1-2GB dedicated graphics card recommended)
  • Wireless

*Note: If you have a Mac computer, in order to run certain software (Revit, etc.) as well as plot in the studios, a windows operating system is required. Please consider Boot Camp,VM Fusion, or Parallels Desktop.

General needs for SOFTWARE

Student priced (educational discount) software packages are available through the University Bookstore.

  • AutoCad, Revit, and 3DS Max – free at Autodesk Student Community
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Microsoft Office


Other $ Questions

As a student without a FIDER accredited undergraduate degree, will I be able to practice after completing the MID program?

Yes. The MID is equivalent to a first professional degree needed for licensing in the state of Florida.

Will I need to purchase a computer for graduate study?

Depending on your background and previous education, you may be required to purchase a computer for use in studio and/or content courses. Contact the Department of Interior Design for computer specifications before making a purchase.

How long will it take me to finish the MID program?

The estimated credit hours and length of study time vary according to each student’s individual baccalaureate degree and experience. Please refer to the Program Requirements of the MID Degree section for additional information.

Can I take classes over the summer to reduce my length of study time for the MID program?

The Department of Interior Design occasionally offers classes in the summer term. Depending on the availability of interior design faculty, it may be possible to take an independent study with a faculty member or work with your supervisory committee chair on your masters research during the summer months. In addition, you may be able to enroll in a graduate elective in another department for the summer.

For financial questions, see The Office for Student Financial Affairs (SFA), which is the financial aid office at the University of Florida. The mission of the Office for Student Financial Affairs is to enhance recruitment and retention of students through research and support of financial aid programs while assisting parents and students in planning for and meeting higher education expenses.

UF offers many financial aid options to help students, regardless of their class and college.

On SFA’s site you will find information about how to apply for financial aid at UF, deadlines, and financial aid programs.