International Center For Adaptation Planning and Design Future of Planning – UF College of Design, Construction and Planning


In the light of climate change, the impacts of sea level rise on coastal communities is acceleratingly increasing. Many cities are suffering from sea level rise including New York, Tampa, Miami, which are prone to intensifying hurricane and vulnerable to sea level rise. To increase the adaptive capacity of these vulnerable communities against the sea level rise, the Department of Urban & Regional Planning in the College of Design, Planning and Construction at the University of Florida, decided to establish the International Center for Adaptation Planning and Design following Professor Zhong-Ren Peng’s proposal. Adaptation Planning denotes actions undertaken to reduce the risks and capitalize on the opportunities associated with global climate change, which is different from adaptive planning.

The major objectives include:

  • Evaluate the adaptation strategy in response to sea level rise
  • Examine the impacts of sea level rise on coastal communities
  • Support advanced adaptation planning research
  • Explore efficient solutions to climate change issues
  • Cultivate professional adaptation planners
  • Build a bridge between the University of Florida and planning agencies