The University of Florida Historic Preservation Program offers a Master of Historic Preservation, Ph.D. with a concentration in Historic Preservation, and an Interdisciplinary Certificate in Historic Preservation.

The Master of Historic Preservation is a two-year (four-semester) graduate degree. Students take 42 credits of coursework averaging 9 to 12 credits per semester. The first year curriculum is fairly prescriptive with students taking foundation and skill building classes. The second year is flexible, allowing each student to choose courses and design a curriculum that will help them meet their professional goals. Students are able to choose from a wide-range of classes from within the College of Design, Construction and Planning (Architecture, Construction Management, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Sustainability, and Urban and Regional Planning) or from across campus (Archaeology, History, Museum Studies, and Tourism, among others). A research project and thesis are a requirement of graduation.

The College of Design, Construction and Planning Ph.D. is an interdisciplinary program that allows students to tailor a curriculum to their interests. The degree leads to academic and research positions and private sector jobs. Students have the option of receiving a Concentration in Historic Preservation.
If you are interested in applying to the Ph.D. in Historic Preservation, contact Cleary Larkin at

Students seeking a graduate degree from the College of Design, Construction and Planning or affiliated University of Florida program (Anthropology, History, Forestry, Museum Studies, or Tourism) can take the introductory course in historic preservation and three other pre-approved courses or attend the Preservation Institute Nantucket to receive the Interdisciplinary Certificate in Historic Preservation (4 courses, 12 credits total; 5 courses if a Ph.D. student). See the Admissions page for more information.

The Combined BSBE / MHP Degree Program provides academically qualified students an opportunity to complete a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in a shorter period of time. The program allows students to “double-count” graduate courses toward both degrees, thus reducing the time it would normally take to graduate by a semester or more. The Combined Degree program reduces the cost of both degrees and enhances students’ marketability for career advancement.

  • 3.2 GPA needed to apply
  • 147 total credits
Combined Bachelor of Sustainability and Master of Historic Preservation course diagram.
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