UF College of Design, Construction & Planning

Nam-Kyu Park

Associate Professor
Department of Interior Design
Phone Number: 352-294-1437

Ph.D. Oklahoma State University
M.S. Oklahoma State University
B.S. Kon-Kuk University


IND 3216 Architectural Interiors II
IND 3431 Interior Lighting
IND 3468 Interior Environmental Technologies
IND 3905 Individual Study: Lighting and Sustainability
IND 4226 Advanced Architectural Interiors II
IND 4550C Advanced Interior Design Detailing
IND 4930 Special Topics in Interior Design (Independent Studies)
IND 5937 Readings in Design Studies

Biographical Information:


  • Interior Design Educators Council
  • Environmental Design Research Association
  • Illuminating Engineering Society of North America

Nam-Kyu Park is an Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator in the Department of Interior Design. She is a LEED accredited professional and NCIDQ certified interior designer. Park teaches upper level design studios focused on retail, hospitality and office environments, interior lighting design, building systems, interior design detailing, and graduate research seminar. Her research focuses on optimizing well-being, health, and human behavior through the design of the built environment. Theories of environment-behavior and social psychology thread together in her research program using a mixed methods research design. Her principle areas of research address the impact of lighting in interior environments and environmental design for special needs populations. She also examines cultural dimensions of the built environment defining environmental and social sustainability. The scholarship of Dr. Park and her students has been well presented internationally and nationally and has appeared in a variety of scholarly journals. Currently she is serving as a board member of the Journal of Interior Design.


  • Luminous environments
  • Effect of culture on design
  • Environmental design for special needs populations
  • Environmental and social sustainability

Teaching Focus

  • Upper division design studio
  • Interior lighting design
  • Interior environmental systems
  • Interior detailing
  • Graduate seminar