UF College of Design, Construction & Planning

Martha Kohen

School of Architecture
Phone Number: 352-294-1475
Biographical Information:

M.Arch., Cambridge University
B.Arch., Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay

Courses Taught
ARC3320 Architect Design 5
ARC3321 Architect Design 6
ARC4220 Architect Theory 2
ARC6242 Research Methods
ARC6355 Advanced Studio 2
ARC6356 Advanced Studio 3
ARC6911 Sustainable Urbanism

Research Interests
1970: Land Use and Built Form Studies Centre (Cambridge University), comparative analysis of the 36 English New Towns, spacial structure, data bank and planning criteria.Published.Social Science Research Council Grant. UK

1985-86: “Montevideo: Proposals for the City”, a multi-disciplinary team efford in urban conceptualization and planning. Published.

1987-88: “Residential mobility and housing decay in Montevideo” , with the Uruguayan Center for Research (CIESU), sponsored by the United Nations Development Progran and the City of Montevideo.Published.

1989-91: “Critical Analysis of the legal framework for urban planning in Uruguay” , sponsored by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and CIESU.Associate researcher.

1990: “Relevance of the Colonial urban model in conteporary Uruguay”, research financed by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and the Spanish 5th. Century Commission.

1991-92: Coordinated the Study “Normative guidelines for the Urban Center.City of San Carlos”, as an agreement between the School of Arquitecture and the Municipality of Maldonado.

1996: Caleidoscope Project (European Union), “Influence of european urban theories upon actual planning in Uruguay”. Head of Research.