UF College of Design, Construction & Planning

Genesis Okken

Interior Design

Master of Interior Design, University of Florida
Bachelor of Interior Design, University of Florida


IND 2460C Computer Applications for Three Dimensional Design
IND 4226 Advanced Architectural Interiors II

Teaching Focus
* Design Studio
* Color Theory & Application
* Computer Applications

Biographical Information:

Genesis Okken is a Florida Gator through and through. While completing her graduate work, she served as an editorial assistant for the Journal of Interior Design as well as worked at a local interior design firm, Sarah Cain Design. She then went on to practice design at Walt Disney Imagineering and the Kessler Collection in Orlando, FL.

Her research interests include exploring how design practitioners develop appropriate color designs across different market sectors and how color planning strategies evolve throughout an individuals’ career. She also investigates how professional practice can inform better ways to incorporate critical color knowledge and understanding into design pedagogy. She is currently piloting color and application workshops integrated within different interior design studio and lighting courses.