Sujin Kim

Historic Preservation
Research Assistant Professor + Director, Envision Heritage
ARCH 146

Postdoc, Historic Preservation, University of Florida
Ph.D., Historic Preservation, University of Florida
M.S., Historic Preservation, University of Texas at Austin
Master of Architecture, University of Texas at Austin
Bachelor of Architecture, Dankook University

Areas of Focus
Digital Technology for Built Heritage, Historic Coastal Community Resilience, Preservation and Design Pedagogy, and Ethnic Enclave Urbanscape

Dr. Sujin Kim is a Research Assistant Professor with the Historic Preservation Program and School of Architecture who joined the UF faculty in 2021. He also serves as the Director of Envision Heritage. Envision Heritage harnesses digital technology to help document, analyze, and manage built heritage ranging from urban environments to building details. Technology specialty includes 3D terrestrial laser scanning (lidar), close-range and aerial (drone) photogrammetry, and GIS database development.

Dr. Kim, with his team, has recorded and inventoried historic buildings and sites in different states and countries through grant-funded and sponsored projects. He has developed and tested methodologies of using digital technology to meet various professional needs in historic preservation and engage historic coastal communities in addressing new challenges like sea level rise. His research examines how preservation pedagogy and practice are adapting to new tools and needs. He is also interested in urban heritage study and design with historic built environments.

Dr. Kim teaches Built Heritage Documentation I and II. In Documentation I, students study and interact with a historic building through the integrated virtual (3D data) and field experience. This project-based, research-oriented course concentrates on graphical representation, morphological and temporal understanding (building evolution history), and material condition assessment. Documentation II helps students gain various documentation skills, including 3D terrestrial laser scanning, photogrammetry, and visual communication. He also provides Envision Heritage graduate assistants with training in professional workflows, engaging them in funded projects.

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