The University of Florida is committed to creating a community that reflects the rich racial, cultural,  and ethnic diversity of the state and nation. No challenge that exists in higher education has greater importance than the challenge of enrolling students and hiring faculty and staff who are members of our country’s diverse groups. This pluralism enriches the university community, offers robust academic dialogues, and contributes to better teaching and research. The University benefits from the richness of a multicultural student body, faculty, and staff who can learn from and support one another. Diversity and inclusion empower and inspire respect and understanding among us.  Importantly, the University does not tolerate the actions of anyone who violates the rights of another person. Through policy and practice, the university strives to embody a diverse and inclusive community, creating a university that truly reflects the greatness of our state and nation.

CityLab intentionally supports the UF commitment by offering flexible degree tracks, year-round course offerings, industry marketable specializations, integrated path to architecture licensure accreditation (IPAL), and strong connections to the professional community at multiple locations. The faculty have initiated a critical examination of our School’s culture, curriculum, and governance to enable us to build an anti-racist, multicultural, and equitable future.

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