The Vicenza Institute of Architecture (VIA) Program is a satellite-learning program of the University of Florida. This travel-intensive program recognizes the importance of the physical experience of the latest innovations in architectural design as an integral part of a designer’s education. It is run by a rotating staff of University of Florida professors, the student is assured an uncompromised academic experience.

VIA is based in Vicenza, Italy, a major center of the Veneto (the mainland region around the urban archipelago of Venice). An important locus of intellectual life during the 15th and 16th centuries, the area has an abundant architectural heritage, all within an hour of Vicenza – from the works of local Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio to the 20th-century creations of modern master Carlo Scarpa. The program focuses on evaluating and understanding the historical, social, cultural and physical aspects of this particularly rich urban context through design, research, and, documentation. Lectures and presentations by local Italian educators and practicing architects augment instruction from full-time University of Florida faculty. Field trips throughout Italy and Europe further enhance your educational experience. The UF VIA Program’s fall and spring course offerings parallel those offered at the Gainesville campus, ensuring that you remain on track with your curricular requirements while studying overseas.

Please be aware that you must (a) pre-register for your VIA courses in Gainesville before leaving the United States (which you may do over TeleGator telephone registration system or  ONE.UF) by using the section numbers listed below) and (b) make sure that the UF Office of the Registrar has a correct mailing address on file for you.  Your tuition bill will be sent to the address on file for you — be sure that it does not get forwarded to Italy, but to an address at which there is someone who can pay this bill for you.  For most of you, your permanent home address is most likely the best choice for billing while you are in Vicenza.

Once in Italy, the only way to change your course schedule is to call the TeleGator system from Vicenza during the Drop/Add period.   The office staff does not handle drops or adds via fax or e-mail.  Plan ahead and register responsibly to avoid complications!  You alone are responsible for registering for the correct courses and number of credits dictated by your departmental, degree program and financial aid requirements.

Architecture UndergraduateARC 3291 VIA Individual Studies1-3 creditsElective
ARC 3291 VIA Italian Language and Culture3 creditsRequired
ARC 4220 Architectural Theory 23 creditsRequired
ARC 4322 Architectural Design 76 creditsRequired
ARC 6356 Advanced Studio 36 creditsRequired
ARC 6911 VIA Individual Studies1-6 creditsElective
ARC 6912 VIA Italian Language and Culture3 creditsRequired
ARC 6913 MRP/Thesis Research3 creditsRequired

VIA Program Schedule
Classes in the VIA Program begin with a studio orientation, tour of the town and introduction of course work.  The following schedule will be normative for the duration of the program, with changes for longer field trips, variations in program emphasis, etc.

 9–11am11am–12:30pm12:30–2pm2– 5pm
MItalian LanguageTheory 2BreakStudio
TItalian LanguageMRP/ThesisBreakStudio
WItalian LanguageTheory 2BreakStudio
RItalian LanguageMRP/ThesisBreakStudio
FRequired VIA Field Trip: Assignment for studio/seminar research included, due following Monday.
S/SOptional extensions on Friday field trips led by faculty: travel costs for these optional trips are paid by each individual student.  (An estimated $1,000 dollars; necessary funding has been listed with the UF Financial Aid Office.)

There will be slight deviations from this generic schedule, such as the required field trips to Florence and Rome; nonetheless, you should anticipate a “full-time” seven-days-a-week commitment to the program. Classes start at 9 a.m. each day. Travel on field trips generally begins at 7:30 a.m. or earlier

The VIA studio is now equipped with a wireless connection for the internet and e-mail. Students are strongly encouraged to bring your computer with wireless connection card. For graduate students this is an essential means of communicating with your MRP chair. 
Field Trips
  (subject to change)

Week 1Vicenza / Palladian tour
Week 2Carlo Scarpa tours, with Florida architects
Week 5Belliuzona, Vals, Ticino trip
Week 8Siena-Firenze-Rome trip
Week 9-10Free travel week
Week 12Genova trip

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