School of Architecture

Architectural Pedagogy Program

Program Coordinator: Nina Hofer, Associate Professor

The mission of the University of Florida’s Masters program in Architectural Pedagogy is to provide its graduates with a thorough understanding of the ways in which architectural education has evolved in response to changing cultural and disciplinary conditions both nationally and internationally.

We aim to develop leaders within the field of Architectural Education, passionate teachers who demonstrate reflective teaching practices and thoughtful scholarship as well as a commitment to their ongoing professional development. We believe that the teaching of design is itself a critical act, and that effective methodology at every scale from curriculum planning to classroom techniques can and must be formulated and discussed. Design Education has unique educational strategies; these have recently been the subjects of substantial cross-disciplinary interest. Our students will become familiar with and contribute to the growing body of research focused on the theory and practice of Design as Research. Finally, our graduate program aims to produce architectural educators who will cultivate the integration of thinking and making skills in others and actively assert the role of architecture in fostering a powerful, diverse and articulate public realm.

Students pursue graduate studies in Architectural Pedagogy through substantial supervised teaching experience, engagement with a large, active and diverse curriculum, small seminars and independent research projects in close consultation with faculty members. Because of the program’s small size and flexibility, our graduate students receive individual attention and are able to tailor their program of study to fit particular interests and needs. Advising faculty have advanced degrees, substantial teaching and curriculum development experience, and an active research agenda.