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CityLab-Orlando is a market-rate off-campus program of the Graduate School of Architecture offering the Master of Architecture and Master of Science in Architectural Studies degrees.  Our location in downtown Orlando provides students with a unique opportunity to study architecture and urban design, and explore ideas within the context of the city. The academic program is year-round to facilitate employment while in school.
Program Administrators
Acting Program Director: Stephen D. Bender, AIA

Program Location
The Fairwind’s Building  Suite 500
135 West Central Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32801
(Northeast corner of West Central Boulevard and North Garland Avenue in downtown Orlando)

CityLab-Orlando is an off-campus program of the Graduate School of Architecture offering the Master of Architecture and Master of Science in Architectural Studies degrees.  CityLab-Orlando is located in downtown Orlando and provides students a unique opportunity to study architecture, urban theory and pursue individual research in the city of Orlando.  The CityLab-Orlando program follows the same curriculum as on main campus but focuses on the exploration of architectural ideas within the context of the city, and engages with the City of Orlando as a learning laboratory.
The University of  Florida’s, City-Lab-Orlando Master of Architecture programs are focused on design and investigate the cultural, social, technical, economic, and environmental contexts that shape buildings and cities, the history of architecture as it is present in built forms and spaces, the materials and design.  The culmination of the Master of Architecture or Master of Science degree is a thesis or a research project.  the final exercise is intended to be a highly personal syntheses of the knowledge, experience and skills gained in design studio and support courses, driven by our own specific focus and individual interests.

Program Overview
The Master of Architecture degree offered at CityLab-Orlando has three programs of study, each leading to a professional degree accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB), the educational credential a person needs for licensure as a registered architect in most states.  Placement in a program of study is determined by an applicant’s previous education, and a review of heir application materials.
CityLab-Orlando offers classes year-round and encourages students to pursue internships with local firms while completing their degree program.
Three-year 100 credit hour program of study, for applicants without prior architectural education. This program is open to applicants with a bachelor’s or an advanced degree in any area of study and is normally completed in three years.  During this program of study you will study the following:

Content AreasCredits
Designed Studio42
Digital Architecture3
Elective and Option Courses15
Environmental Technology6
Materials and Methods3
Professional Practice3
Research Methods3
Thesis/Masters Research Project9
*One optional course is required in each of the following areas: Digital Architecture, Environmental Technology, History & Theory, and Materials and Methods.

Two-year 52 credit hour program of study,* for applicants with an undergraduate or graduate degree in architectural design.
Applicants with a bachelor’s degree in design (or equivalent degree), a successful record of six to eight previous design studios, and a portfolio reflecting sufficient design proficiency may apply. the program of study is normally completed in two years.  During this program of study you will study the following:

Content AreasCredits
Design Studio18
Elective and Option Courses15
Professional Practice3
Research Methods3
Thesis/Masters Research Project 9
*All advanced standing is dependent upon transcript & portfolio review. One-year 30 credit hour program of study. * for applicants with a 5yr. B.Arch. degree from a NAAB accredited program.

Applicants with a NAAB accredited professional degree (five-year Bachelor of Architecture or a Master of Architecture) and a portfolio reflecting outstanding design proficiency may apply.  the program of study is normally completed in three semesters. During this program of study you will study the following:

Content AreasCredits
Design Studio12
Elective Courses6
Research Methods3
Thesis/Masters Research Project9

 The Master of Science in Architectural Studies (M.S.A.S) is a 32 credit hour program of study and is normally completed in one and one half years.  It is an individualized research -based program open to students with a Bachelor or advanced degree in any field of study.

For individuals without a baccalaureate degree, CityLab-Orlando is partner with the University of Central Florida and Valencia College in a unique 2+2+2 academic experience leading to a Master of Architecture degree.

Admission Requirements
CityLab-Orlando does not have a separate admissions process and all applicants apply for admission to the Graduate School. All applications for the M.Arch and M.S. programs offered by the Graduate School of Architecture are due January 1st for fall admission and are reviewed by the Graduate Admissions Committee. The Graduate admissions committee bases its decision on the overall strength of the applicant package. Applications for spring and summer semester admissions are due October 15th and are considered on an individual basis. All application materials must reach the University of Florida, Graduate School of Architecture by the dates. Late applications are not necessarily turned away, but they cannot be guaranteed priority for placement or financial aid consideration. Applicants are notified of the Graduate Admission Committee’s decision by email.

How to Apply
If you are interested in applying to the University of Florida’s Graduate School of Architecture’s Advanced Master of Architecture Program CityLab-Orlando, you will follow the standard application procedure for the G|SoA MArch program.  The requirements for the application can be found at the following link: How to Apply. In addition, you must indicate your preference for the CityLab-Orlando program in your “Statement of Purpose”. For more information regarding University of Florida’s  Graduate School of Architecture’s  Advanced Master of Architecture CityLab Program, contact Stephen D. Bender, Acting Program Director, CityLab-Orlando@ufl.edu or Maggie Cooper at maggie.cooper@ufl.edu

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