Concentration and Certificate in Sustainable Architecture
G|SoA is one of the first accredited architecture programs in the US to formalize this initiative in the form a Concentration and Certificate in Sustainable Architecture. This program runs parallel with the Master of Architecture with the addition of 12 credits from 34 pre-selected courses within and outside the GSoA that engage current sustainable issues. Students will also work with their faculty advisor to synthesize these issues within their Masters Thesis projects. Students may petition to add any relevant 3000 level or above course from any department in the University. A physical Certificate is awarded and the achievement is recorded on student’s official University of Florida transcripts.
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Interdisciplinary Concentration and Certificate in Historic Preservation

The Historic Preservation Studies program offers the Interdisciplinary Concentration and Certificate in Historic Preservation. The ICCHP integrates resources from throughout the campus to address the diverse topics relevant to the field. Thus, the ICCHP establishes a set of courses that allow graduate students to gain expertise in research and application of historic preservation in the United States and abroad. Depending upon the student’s career goals and background, this can include recognizing, documenting, and protecting historic structures and sites; rehabilitation and restoration technologies; and/or exploring emerging and related specializations such as community development and sustainable development.
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