School of Architecture


The G|SoA provides approximately $100,000 each year to our deserving Graduate Students for scholarships and financial assistance.

Academic Scholarships

Andrew E. Ferendino Endowment Fund
Erwin Gerber Memorial Scholarship
Harvard Jolly Architects
Gresham Smith and Partners Award
Sanford Goin Scholarship
Otis A Skinner Scholarship
Rydell Scholarship
RLF, Inc. Scholarship
John Stovall Memorial Scholarship
Gainesville AIA Scholarship

Academic Enrichment and Travel

Arthur Blenn Anderson Scholarship Endowment
John Stovall Memorial Scholarships

Financial Assistance

Andrew E. Ferendino Endowment Fund
Miller Scholarship Fund
Louis C. Holloway Scholarship
School of Architecture Scholarships
Rogers, Lovelock & Fritz Scholarship

Special Areas

AIA Treasure Coast Scholarship
Bhide Scholarship (Asian Indian or female student from Washington or Holmes Counties Florida)

Mundano Fund, Certificate in Sustainable Architecture
Hill Memorial Fund, MS in Acoustics
North Florida AIA Scholarship for Service to the College
Sindelar Scholarship for Service to the College